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This form is for inquiries and feedback. Before submitting your question we may have answered the question in the following:

If you are inquiring about Dealer Room or Artist Alley availability, please read over the Artist Alley page & Dealer Room page for all of the details. After reading the pages if you still have questions then you may use this form. We strongly advise taking advantage of the search features on this website before submitting a question. We try to provide almost all of the answers about this convention on this website as a lot of questions that we receive in are already on the San Japan website. For guest suggestions, we strongly recommend posting on our Facebook Group instead of using the form below.
Note To Companies: If you are soliciting your products & services to us then you must include your rates, quotes, prices or link to a PDF with such information. We will not call you back. We will contact companies if we are taking any bids for a particular service.


Questions received after Sunday July 26th, 2015 through Wednesday August 5th, 2015 can not be answered as department staff will be at the convention location. All attendee questions will need to be answered at the convention.