Open Staff Positions At San Japan


We are looking for a few good people to join the San Japan staff. If you’re willing to show some serious dedication to the convention then get in touch with us. Below are some of the positions that are available but if you think you have a special skill set that you’re willing to offer to San Japan then let us know.
San Japan Job Positions:
Techs – We are needing people who can help with setup within panel rooms and help troubleshoot audio/visual equipment. Must be able to problem solve technical issues w/o assistance in a timely manner. Will be need to be on-site at least 8 hours a day for all 3 days. Will need to be able to work independent but will need to be on-call at all times when on shift. Experience with PCs & Mac hardware, Windows XP/Windows 7 software, sound boards, and projectors are a big plus. Confident applicants only, please.
Events Helper – Will help with line management, relay tech issues, and ensure that panel/events stay on schedule. Needs to be on site for at least 8 hours for all 3 days. Needs to handle stressful situations. People skills and customer service experience is a big plus. Will be working directly with the Events Chairman. Previous fandom convention volunteer/staff experience will be required to be considered.
Load In/Load Out Crew Helper – Will be working to load-in the San Japan team and over 70 dealers. Will need to be to work 6-8 hours on Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Needs to be able to lift 40-60lbs in a hot environment. Needs to have good physical endurance. Food and drinks will be provided while on-duty
Runners – Will be shuffling equipment to multiple locations within the convention. Must be on-call at all times. Technical knowledge on Audio/Visual terminology is a big plus.
Expectations: You will be expected to work 9-14 hours a day during the entire convention (Thur.-Mon. of the convention) depending on your position with a very high expectation to be reliable and the means to handle stressful situations. Prior volunteer fandom experience is highly preferred. We are looking for experienced individuals.
Benefits Include: Crash Space, work directly with main staff, staff/volunteer badge, access to a big post-convention event on Sunday evening, ConSuite access, and knowing that you’re working hard for a fantastic group of people who try to put on a great fan convention in San Antonio and all of the attendees.
Note: This is not the general volunteer form. The general volunteer information is here on how to sign-up as a volunteer for San Japan. If you are looking for the general contact form to get in touch with the San Japan staff then Click Here. If you’ve never volunteered before it is highly recommended to sign-up as a general volunteer first so we can see you in action before considering to join our staff.


Be sure to list your work/job experiences including conventions that you’ve worked for when applying for the position and any possible references. This will greatly help us when making a consideration to join us.


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The content below is for the 2014 Convention. The San Japan website will be fully updated by November 1st, 2014.