How To Start Your Own Con


A common question that we’ve received is asking us how they can start their own convention. It is a tremendous amount of hard work, a lot of dedication, and a ton of money to put something like San Japan together. We’re talking in the tens of thousands. Before asking us with a barrage of questions, if you are absolutely serious to put one together, here’s some great pointers:

We’ve even written a manual on this subject which you can read and distribute that is called “How To Run A Successful Fandom Convention”: Download the Microsoft Word .Doc File | Click Here To Read It On Our Website

Before you even start to work on the convention, one of the biggest tips of advice that can be given is that a person should volunteer and work up the ranks of joining staff before starting their own. You’ll get a tremendous amount of insight of what it takes to run a convention when you work with people directly who put it all together.

The content below is for the 2014 Convention. The San Japan website will be fully updated by November 1st, 2014.