Registration: Info & Prices


San Japan: 8-Bit Registration Information

Pre-Registration Tiers (3-Day Pass/Badge)

Up until 11:59PM of each day listed

Up until July 31st, 2014


Up until October 7th, 2014


Up until January 4th, 2015


Up until June 13th, 2015


NO Pre-Registration for child registration.

All Gold Passes are SOLD OUT. We will not be releasing any additional passes.
Click HERE to see what Is A Gold Pass is.


You may purchase your badge now with most major credit cards. Payments are handled through Paypal. Starting in 2014, we will no longer accept mail-in checks for pre-registration. You can pay by check through Paypal with an eCheck. Once completed you can choose Paypal to pay by credit cards. Military Discount can not be applied to Pre-Registration.


In-Store Registration

Nine-Tails will be begin accepting San Japan pre-registration starting on Jan. 7th, 2015. Nine-Tails DOES charge sales tax for all credit card transactions which is 8.25%. Nine-Tails does not sell passes after pre-registration has closed. Please do not contact them after the June 13th, 2015 pre-registration cut-off date.

Group Discount

It is $5 off per badge if 10 or more passes are purchased at the same time. It is $10 off per badge if 25 passed are purchased at the same time. The discount is applied at checkout. The group discount will only apply to pre-registration passes. After June 13th, 2015 the group discount will no longer apply on-line or in person.
San Japan: 8-Bit (2015) AT-CONVENTION / DAY-OF

Badges Ages 13 & Up Including Parents / Guardians:

3-Day Weekend Pass/Badge


Friday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


Saturday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


Sunday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


1-Day and regular 3-Day passes will be
available online starting on June 16th, 2015.

San Japan: 8-Bit (2015) AT-CONVENTION / DAY-OF

Badges Ages 6 -12 Including Parents / Guardians:

Child Pass


Ages 0-5


Child passes are valid for all 3 days of the convention.
We will no longer be selling 1-day child passes.
Child passes are ONLY sold at the convention

Other Info

  • All on-site badge purchase will be at the HBG Convention Center.

  • Passes Purchase and Pre-Reg Pickup will be at Registration section.

  • Military Discount – $5 Off 3-Day Pass/1-Day Pass.

  • Military Discount valid for ACTIVE MILITARY ONLY, NO Discount for Family/Dependents.

  • LOST BADGE FEE – $40

  • We will be accepting credit cards at the convention.