Registration: Info & Prices


San Japan: Samurai 7 Registration Information

Pre-Registration Tiers (3-Day Pass/Badge)

Up until 11:59PM of each day listed

Up until August 31st, 2013


Up until November 3rd, 2013


Up until January 3rd, 2014


Up until March 24th, 2014


Up until June 13th, 2014


NO Pre-Registration for child registration.

All Gold Passes Have Sold Out.
What Is A Gold Pass?


You may purchase your badge now with most major credit cards. Payments are handled through Paypal. Starting in 2014, we will no longer accept mail-in checks for pre-registration. You can pay by check through Paypal with an eCheck. Once completed you can choose Paypal to pay by credit cards. Military Discount can not be applied to Pre-Registration.


In-Store Registration

Nine-Tails will be begin accepting San Japan pre-registration starting on Jan. 5th, 2014. Nine-Tails DOES charge sales tax for all credit card transactions which is 8.25%. Nine-Tails does not sell passes after pre-registration has closed. Please do not contact them after the June 13th, 2014 pre-registration cut-off date.

Group Discount

It is $5 off per badge if 10 or more passes are purchased at the same time. It is $10 off per badge if 25 passed are purchased at the same time. The discount is applied at checkout. The group discount will only apply to pre-registration passes. After June 13th, 2014 the group discount will no longer apply on-line or in person.
San Japan: Samurai 7 (2014) AT-CONVENTION / DAY-OF

Badges Ages 13 & Up Including Parents / Guardians:

3-Day Weekend Pass/Badge


Friday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


Saturday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


Sunday Only One-Day Pass/Badge


1-Day and regular 3-Day passes will be
available online starting on June 16th, 2014.

San Japan: Samurai 7 (2014) AT-CONVENTION / DAY-OF

Badges Ages 6 -12 Including Parents / Guardians:

Child Pass


Ages 0-5


Child passes are valid for all 3 days of the convention.
We will no longer be selling 1-day child passes.
Child passes are ONLY sold at the convention

Other Info

  • All on-site badge purchase will be at the HBG Convention Center.

  • Passes Purchase and Pre-Reg Pickup will be at West Registration section.

  • Military Discount – $5 Off 3-Day Pass/1-Day Pass.

  • Military Discount valid for ACTIVE MILITARY ONLY, NO Discount for Family/Dependents.

  • LOST BADGE FEE – $35

  • We will be accepting credit cards at the convention.

The content below is for the 2014 Convention. The San Japan website will be fully updated by November 1st, 2014.