Press Pass: Requirements & Application


Thank you for your interest in attending San Japan as a member of the visiting press corp. Our Community Relations team is eager to help facilitate your visit and ensure that you have access to have a great convention experience.
You, or the organization that you represent, must fulfill the listed requirements in order to be issued credentials. These credentials will give you special seating at Main Events, access to the Press Room, and the opportunity to request interview time with our special guests.
All requests will be verified by our team. Please include any analytics or information that could help us make a decision.
Thank you again, and we’ll see you at the Convention.
S. David Ramirez
Community Relations Director
press (at)




Print Media:
  • Must be a Local, Regional or Nationally-Recognized print media outlet.
  • Review must be posted within 7 days (newspaper) or 30 days (magazine) after the conclusion of the convention.
  • Must have outlet issued credentials to prove authenticity.
Website / Blog / Video:
  • Must be its own domain and own web host.
  • Website must show at least 3 updates per week for the past 12 months continuously.
  • Must have a professional layout.
  • Must show a visibly active community.
  • All video must properly credit San Japan and post in the title screen or credits to
  • Reviews must be posted within 15 days of the convention, preferably under 10 days.
  • Must link to at least two articles written in the past 2 months.
  • Must have a listener subscriber count of at least 500.
  • Must do a podcast prior or during the convention with the topic being about San Japan for a majority of the podcast and a post-review podcast within 30 days of the convention, preferably under 15 days.
  • Podcasts must give a full review of the entire convention. Podcasts that only cover a few sections will not be considered an acceptable review.
Professional Photographer:
  • Must show proof of professional photographer credentials and link to portfolio. Previous example work at similar events is required.
  • Photographer website should be family friendly, we will not link to sites with erotica or pornography.
  • Must be on-site for at least 5 hours per day for Friday & Saturday, preferably all 3 days of the convention.
  • Allow San Japan to reproduce all photos for future promotion material.
  • Must submit photos within 45 days to the convention or link to download the pictures, preferably 15 days.
  • Must submit at least 300 photos of a variety of events throughout the convention.
  • Photographer logos can be applied but need to be less than 7.5% of the total photo.
We will no longer will issue press passes to the following:
  • YouTube-only channels with less than 1000 subscribers.
  • Review websites or domains that direct to a Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Blogspot or other sub-domain website (I.E., etc).
  • Personal review sites or personal blogs.
  • Press credentials that is outside of the Texas/South region or isn’t nationally recognized.
  • Podcasts with low subscriber count of under 400.
  • Paid Flickr or Shutterfly Accounts. Facebook Pages may not be used either as a credential.
  • Non-Professional/Non-Experienced Photographers who do not have verifiable credentials and/or professional portfolios.
  • Prior approved press organizations who have not sent in requested media materials or take beyond 3 months to send press materials.
  • College/High School Students fulfilling a requirement for a course/personal projects; Journalism & Film Studies.
    Number Of Press Passes Issued
  • Only one press pass will be issued to Photographers.
  • Only up to two press passes are issued to non-print press groups who are not video recording the convention.
  • Only up to three press passes are issued to websites if they are recording video of the convention with intent to post on your respective website.
  • We will only issue more than three passes to large print press organizations who have print runs of 50k or higher, nationally recognized websites which get 300k hits a day OR regional television stations seen by over 30k viewers.

San Japan reserves the right to approve at the discretion of the Community Relations team. Decisions are made based on a variety of criteria including the amount of similar media outlets applying for access. Completion of this form does not guarantee placement at the convention. Any press accepted will be notified by email before the convention.


Press applications have closed for San Japan 2015.

Information below may be for our 2015 convention. Most of the pages and FAQs will be updated for our 2016 event starting in late November 2015.