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Registration FAQ

Are you sold out of passes at San Japan?

We are not sold out of regular San Japan convention passes. We do not have a limit on the number of passes. The only limit we have is on Gold Passes which typically sell out within days once they are released. We recommend on pre-registering for San Japan but if you need to purchase passes at the convention then you can do so at the convention.

You are not required to purchase a pass on the San Japan website as you may purchase a pass at the convention location. We have convention badges for sale at the convention. Don't worry, we will not be sold out as our facilities can comfortably fit over 40,000 people and we anticipate around half that size. We list on our On-Site Registration FAQ the average expected wait times.

How much will it cost to pre-register for the convention? What forms of payment are accepted?

Pre-Registration will cost the following amount (up until 11:59PM):

  • $40 Early Pre-Registration up until November 2nd, 2015
  • $45 Early Pre-Registration up until January 4th, 2016
  • $50 Early Pre-Registration up until April 27th, 2016
  • $54.75 Early Pre-Registration up until July 17th, 2016

For Pre-Registration, we will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Debit cards via PayPal if you purchase the pass online. To purchase a pass now, go to our Pre-Registration page. We will no longer accept Mail-in Pre-Registrations. You can pay by eCheck with Paypal.

We have selected Nine-Tails as our store to pre-register which you can pay with cash or credit card. Nine-Tails does charge an 8.25% Sales Tax if you pay by Credit Card. You may purchase your pass from Nine-Tails starting on Jan. 7th, 2016. The address is Wonderlands of The Americas Mall, 4522 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX. They are located on the 2nd floor near Stein Mart & Bijiou Theater.

Starting for our 2016 convention there will be a $2.75 SERVICE FEE for each individual badge for all pre-registration passes purchased on-line or at Nine-Tails.

Do I have to reserve a hotel room or be in a costume/cosplay in order to attend San Japan?

No, you do not have to reserve a hotel room in order to attend nor do you have to be in a costume. Cosplaying is completely optional and it is not required at all. All you have to do is show up at the convention as yourself.

We do encourage attendees to reserve a room at the Grand Hyatt or Marriott which is quite beneficial for San Japan since we are required to fulfill a large room block in order to hold the convention at the hotel (only $139-$148/night) Go to our Hotel Information page for info and hotel reservation links. However, you are not required at all to reserve a room at the convention in order to pre-register or attend the convention.

What do I need to check-in if I've pre-registered?

You may print out and/or bring any one of the following to pickup your Pre-Registration or Online Registration if you have any of the following:

  • Valid, government-issued photo ID (ONLY REQUIRED if you do not have the barcode confirmation email)
  • Barcoded Confirmation email from San Japan (ID is NOT required in order to redeem your badge)
  • PayPal Transaction email.

In most cases, displaying your barcoded Confirmation email on your smartphone will allow us to scan the barcode directly from your smartphone.

To answer an extremely commonly asked questions, YES, you can pick for your friend IF you have their barcode information. An ID is NOT required in order to pickup a badge if you have the barcode confirmation.

How will I receive a confirmation of my Pre-Registration? Will I get any kind of "ticket" or membership information in the mail? Or will it be by e-mail only?

If you pay online then you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. We do not mail out tickets / badges. PLEASE SAVE THIS E-MAIL! If you pay in person at Nine-Tails, you will receive a printout plus your confirmation by e-mail.

Even if you lose the e-mail or printout, DON'T PANIC. We will have your information in our database. You can still show up and just show us your gov't issued photo ID.

What if I don't have/don't have access to a government-issued photo ID or a printer?

In this case, please bring your Pre-Registration Payment Confirmation email/page to claim your badge. However, State IDs are very easy to obtain for all ages. We will accept pre-registrations if you have the San Japan Pre-Registration Confirmation E-mail displayed on your smartphones or tablet.

We do accept drivers licenses (all kinds, expired ID is okay), military ID and passports. We do NOT accept birth certificates, School IDs or temporary paper ID without a picture on it. The government-issued ID must have a picture ID on it in some fashion. No exceptions are made.

What do I need to Register at the door?

Just your smiling self and some money. IDs are not required to register at the door if you're paying for a normal pass/badge. We are strongly encouraging as many people as possible to Pre-Register to get the guaranteed lowest convention member badge rate. Payment for sure accepted at the door will to be accepted in the form of Cash, Check / Money Order, Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express.

I will be unable to attend San Japan. Can I get a refund?

Please direct refund requests to before July 17th, 2017. After July 17th, we will not be issuing any refunds or credits for any reason. This includes medical emergencies. This applies to Gold Passes along with standard attendee badges. This includes 1-Day, 3-Day badges purchased after July 17th.

If you are unsure if you'll be attending or going on a different day then we highly suggest to purchase your badge at the convention. You may transfer your badge to another person after July 17th up until July 20th at no charge. Transfers will no longer be allowed after July 20th.

All refund requests after 60 days of purchase will have a $4 fee per badge deducted when issuing a refund for standard attendee badges, $7.50 fee per badge for Gold Passes up until July 17th, 2016.

Just to let you know that even if you can't make it to San Japan and have gone past the refund deadline that the bar code confirmation is valid to whoever redeems it. A transfer is not required as we do not require an ID in order to pick up a badge if the person redeems a barcode confirmation. Just imagine your San Japan bar code confirmation as an unused concert ticket which anyone can use.

I want to volunteer with Registration. How do I help?

We appreciate that you want to volunteer at San Japan. Check our volunteer page for information on how to volunteer. We are accepting general volunteers with the application cut-off date of July 20th, 2016 (On-line Payment). For 2016 we are switching to PAYPAL ONLY.

I can only make it to the convention on X day and/or have to register at the convention. Will One-Day passes be available? How much will it cost?

Yes, we do sell 1-Day passes/badges when they become available which will be after pre-registration has closed. We do not offer 1-day passes/badges until pre-registration has closed.

  • TBA - 3-Day Pass (Age 13 & Up)
  • TBA - Friday - 1-Day Badge (Age 13 & Up)
  • TBA - Saturday - 1-Day Badge (Age 13 & Up)
  • TBA - Sunday - 1-Day Badge (Age 13 & Up)
  • TBA - Child Pass (Age 6-12). Child Pass is Valid for ALL 3-Days Of The Convention. Child Passes are only sold at the Convention.
  • FREE for anyone 5 years old and under
  • $5 Military Discount with VALID MILITARY ID (ACTIVE MILITARY ONLY) will be given At Door Only (Does not apply to pre-registration, ALL On-line registration or Gold Passes).

The price info for 1-Day and AT-CONVENTION 3-Day passes will be posted after 2016 pre-registration has closed. Asking us beforehand on what the prices will be redirected to this FAQ Question. Regular 1-Day and 3-Day passes will be available for on-line purchase starting on July 19th, 2016.

They will be available to purchase on-line while the convention is happening up until September 4th, 3PM. We will have badges/passes to purchase at the convention. You are not required to purchase them on-line in order to attend San Japan.

Where do I go to pickup/get my badge?

Registration will be located in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in the Hall 4B in the newly redesigned HBG Convention Center.

Pre-Registration/Online Registration pickup is available on Thursday at 4:30pm-10:30pm. Normal Registration/Pre-Registration and Online Registration pickup will open on Friday at 9am-9:30pm, Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.

Please note that all times are when Registration will be open but we might be open later if there are a lot of people still wanting badges when we’re scheduled to close.

Do I have to pick up my pre-registration badge on Thursday or Friday of the convention?

No. You do not have to show up at the convention on Thursday or Friday. You can pick up your convention badge at any time during the duration of the convention when Registration is open during the convention.

We list our registration hours and layouts on the Times & Layout page

What is a Gold Pass? What are the benefits of purchasing a Gold Pass?

The price of Gold Passes are $165 with 160 passes released for our 2016 convention. Gold Passes are go on sale on April 15th, 2016 at 9PM CST.

People who purchase the ‘Gold Pass’ will get the following benefits:

  • First in line for most panels/events* including the concert.
  • An exclusive oversize badge to show your support for San Japan.
  • Exclusive early access to the dealers room 30 minutes before regular attendees for Friday & Saturday.
  • Pre-determined San Japan Merch.
  • Sunday brunch with most of the attending guests.
  • Free Convention T-Shirt.
  • Includes the regular benefits of a regular attendee badge to attend all events.
  • The Gold Pass will no longer include front of the line access for autograph sessions on Friday or Saturday. An exclusive autograph session will be on Sunday afternoon.
  • We do not issue free tickets to the Maid Cafe for Gold Pass holders. The Maid Cafe is a paid event for all San Japan attendees.
  • We will be issuing a limited number of tickets for our Cosplay Show. Gold Pass holders will be issued one ticket to the Cosplay Show. We are still pending decisions on the Formal Masquerade Dance so we will not guarantee a ticket to the Formal Masquerade Dance at this current time.

Attendees 6 and older must also have a purchased Gold Pass in order to attend the VIP Brunch and VIP Autograph Session.

HELP! I made a mistake and realized it after I registered. AND / OR I want to change the name on my badge, how do I do it?

The current solution is to send an e-mail to Please include a copy of your receipt.

Do NOT just send us your name and e-mail. Please send as much information as possible including your name, address, e-mail and Paypal confirmation number and DOB. We receive thousands of pre-registrations so we need all the info possible to confirm whom you are.

NO further changes will be allowed to your online registration after July 20th, 2016. ALL requested changes after July 20th, 2016 will need to be discussed in person at the San Japan Registration section.

I lost the e-mail and/or print-out for my registration confirmation, what do I do?

E-mail Be sure to include your full contact information to verify yourself. We ask to please format your email with the following:

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Date Of Birth:
Paypal Receipt # (If Possible):
Confirmation # (If Possible):

As much information given will greatly expedite your inquiry. You can also bring your Paypal receipt OR your VALID government-issued ID (Drivers License, Passport) as your confirmation too.

How do I purchase a Child Pass (6-12)? Why must I purchase it at the convention?

Child Passes are only sold at the San Japan convention at the registration area which will be located in Exhibit Hall 4B. They are not sold on-line. We do this to comply with COPPA laws. We also require a visual verification to ensure that a child pass is issued to a child that 12 or under and not to some one who is trying to get a lower cost badge. All adults who are purchasing child passes must also purchase a regular adult pass too and must be with the child at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

To answer another frequent question which we are receiving: Child passes will be available on Thursday evening for CREDIT CARDS PURCHASE ONLY. They will be available on Friday of the convention date for CASH AND CARDS. If you do pre-register on-line, we will not force you to go back in line to purchase a child pass. We will redirect you to the front of the on-site pass purchase line.

Can someone else pickup my badge for me?

Yes, you may pick up a friend, family or significant other convention badge if you have their confirmation paperwork. If you do not have their confirmation paperwork then we will not allow you pick it up for them on their behalf.

I purchased a 3-Day or 1-Day badge on-line, can I pick it up on Thursday or the day before I'm suppose to attend?

You can pick up your 3-Day or FRIDAY 1-Day on Thursday. An ID is NOT required in order to puchase a badge at the convention so you can purchase them for friends and family. You can not pick-up your Saturday or Sunday 1-Day pass until that day of the convention. You will be turned away if an you attempt to pick it up.

I'm just a parent/guardian taking my child to San Japan. Do I still need to purchase a badge?

If you will be entering into any parts of the convention that require an attendee badge to shown then the answer is yes. We do not offer a parent discount pass. If your child is 12 or under you or a guardian will have to be with them at all times. The Guardian must have a standard badge.

Parents may wait nearby at of the nearby coffee shops at the Marriott Riverwalk, Grand Hyatt or inside the Henry B. Gonzalez which do not require to have a badge to be displayed.

Where will a badge be required?

We will have badge checkers at all Exhibit Halls, video gaming, panel/programming rooms, Lila Cockrell Theater and at Main Events. Badge checkers will be checking to ensure all badges are valid San Japan badges. 'Sneaking' into areas requiring an attendee badge will have you escorted over to on-site SAPD which further actions will be considered by San Japan. If you plan to attend San Japan but only plan to be in public spaces with friends at the host hotels or have photos taken in Hemisphere Park then you're perfectly allowed to do that without restriction.

Is there a group discount?

The group discount rate has changed for 2016.

  • 10-14 Badges Purchased = $3 off per badge.
  • 15-24 Badges Purchased = $5 off per badge.
  • 25-29 Badges Purchased = $7.50 off per badge.
  • 30 & Up Badges Purchased = $10 off per badge.

All badges must be purchased at the same time. The discount is applied at checkout. The group discount will only apply to pre-registration passes. After July 17th, 2016 the group discount will no longer apply on-line or in person. We do not accept checks or invoices for group discount purchases.

How do I go about transferring my Pass to a new Pass owner?

If you would like to transfer your Pass, please forward your barcoded Confirmation email to along with the following information about the new Pass owner at the top of the email body:

First Name:
Last Name:
Badge Name:
Phone Number:
Street Address:
Zip code:

The deadline date is July 19th, 2016. Transfers of all types are not allowed after July 20th, 2016 with NO EXCEPTIONS made. This includes nickname changes.

When is Registration open? What are the hours? Where is it located? What should I do to pick it up? How long will I be waiting?

We have an extensive On-Site Registration FAQ which answers the most common questions broken down by day with everything you need to know and do to pick up your badge/pass at San Japan. We even list the expected wait times.

I made a double payment and I need a refund. What should I do?

Be sure to contact regIT at We will work with you to get your refund if before the registration cutoff or if there has been a double payment. If you initiate a chargeback refund through Paypal instead of contacting San Japan then you will be blocked from using online registration for all future San Japan conventions.

There is still a strict no refunds policy on all refund requests after July 17th, 2016 on all badges. If you are unsure that you are not able to make it San Japan then we highly recommend to purchase your badge/pass at the convention or buy it online on the day of the convention.

I bought my pass and never received my confirmation e-mail? What should I do?

First, please check your spam filter to ensure it is not in there as all passes are sent immediately after payment has been received (except for eChecks). Next, contact regIT at You can send an inquiry through our contact form but it will be forwarded to that e-mail address.

We will need the following information when e-mailing us.

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Date Of Birth:
Paypal Receipt # (If Possible):

You can also print out or show your Paypal confirmation e-mail which will be accepted too as regIT will be able to look up your information. If your registration information comes in but it doesn't have a bar code, DON'T PANIC. regIT will be able to look up your information with the numbers listed on the confirmation.

I read/heard that Formal Masquerade Tickets and the Cosplay Show now require tickets. Is this true? How much does it cost? Where do I get them?

YES, this is true that that Formal Masquerade and the Cosplay Show will be ticketed events. Tickets are FREE to attend the Cosplay Show as long as you show your San Japan Badge when picking up a ticket. Pickup will be available on the day. More information will be posted at a later time.

Internal decisions are still being made about the Formal Masquerade Dance and we will post them at a later time. We can not give a deadline on when these decisions will be made so the answer will be "When we're ready."

We have a page with details on how it will be handled. This includes GOLD Pass holders too.

How long is Online registration open until? When does it close for the convention?

Pre-registration for our 2016 convention opens up on September 2nd, 2015 at 12:01AM and ends on July 17th, 2016 at 11:59PM CENTRAL Time.

The availability for 1-Day passes/badges and regular 3-Day passes/badges begins on July 19th, 2016. Online Registration for our 2016 convention will be open until September 4th at 3PM 2016.

I see a login button on the San Japan/regIT registration page and I need to make a change. What do I do?

Also, what's the deal with the discount codes? Are there discount codes available for attendees?

The login button on the registration page is for regIT staff only. It does not work for general attendees who need to change an e-mail address or want to change their badge name. All change requests must be e-mail to registration(at)

The discount code box are for internal codes only. There are no general public San Japan discount codes nor will there ever be general discount codes. The only discount available to general attendees is by pre-registering up to 60 days prior to the convention event.

Why is there a 'service fee'?

The service fee is to ensure a smooth and efficient Registration experience. The service fee is not being imposed by regIT but is being implemented by San Japan as a way to cover/defer the cost of using regIT. The fee is required for every individual attendee badge.

Does San Japan mail out badges after I pre-registered or purchased it on-line?

No, we do not mail out badges of any kinds. You must pick them up in person. Mailing out badges are not being consider at this time.

What is the field "Nickname". What does it mean?

This is the name that's put on the front of the badge which can be a personal nickname, the name of a character or an online name. The name must be a PG nickname as we do screen all of them. We will send you an e-mail requiring a new nickname if we deem it to be racy or offensive.

I'm having issues with registration. What do I do? E-mail about your issue. Be sure to state what device and browser you are using. Be as thorough as possible.
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