COVID-19 Update

Hey San Japan,


The time has come. I have the unenviable responsibility of announcing the postponement of San Japan until Labor Day 2021. This decision does not come lightly. It is the result of months of discussion and works with our partners, vendors, and venues. Many sleepless nights have been spent pouring over research and strategy. We feel this is the best way forward to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

This has been a crazy year. My goal, since joining San Japan over a decade ago, has always been to help create a safe place for fans to celebrate their passions. I am incredibly proud of our work in creating a community of fandoms that continues to grow year after year.

Event and community organizers around the world know that the world has changed, and now we must change with it. Our team will be spending the next 14 months learning, growing, and working to ensure that San Japan 2021 is a safe, equal, and open environment that shows the best of the community.

We have started a rollover or refund process for anyone who has bought tickets or space. I beg for your patience as we work with the team to get things processed and closed out. A full list of rollover and refund actions are available below.

In closing, thank you to the SJ staff and team for your hard work. Thank you to the venues for understanding. A major thanks to Visit San Antonio for being an advocate for special events and organizers in our city. And most of all, thank you to the attendees and participants. We know that our fandom is resilient, strong, and scrappy. We will bounce back from this and be better than ever.

Yours in Community,
David Ramirez
San Japan Convention Chairman

Cosigned by the San Japan Board
Tanya, Miguel, Angelica, Mark, and Jon

Plan Of Action

Please wait for an email from our attendee registration team.

You will receive an email within the next 72 hours.
Artists and Vendors will receive a separate message from their organizing teams.

Attendee Tickets

  • Refunds will be available until Friday, July 31, 2020. No additional refunds will be processed after this date.
  • $5 refund fee will be applied to any purchases over 180 days old to cover transaction fees from the credit card processor.
  • Attendees will be sent a form to initiate either their refund or rollover. Attendees who do not request a refund by July 31, 2020, will automatically be rolled over to next year.
  • Attendees who are rolled over will receive a special San Japan merch item during the next conference as well as special access to San Japan events during the off-season.


  • Refunds available without penalty until Friday, August 14, 2020.
  • Artists who do not request a refund will be automatically rolled over to next year.
  • Artists who rollover will have the opportunity to table at one of several off-season San Japan events planned for Winter 2020/Spring 2021.


  • Refunds available without penalty until Friday, September 4, 2020.
  • Vendors who do not request a refund will be automatically rolled over to next year.

Indie Gaming

  • Rolled over to 2021. Please email gaming staff if you have specific questions or to request a refund.


  • All panelists and panelist perks will be canceled for this year.
  • Panels and programming are part of the equity study, as such, no panelists will be rolled over to 2021.
  • Panelist submission forms will reopen in Spring 2021.

Team San Japan – Staff, Rangers, General Volunteers

  • Please check your email. We will have official rollover protocols going out on a department by department basis starting this weekend. Please wait for an email. We are working through these changes and will have more information as soon as possible.


  • All official San Japan hotels will be sending out cancellation notices for the room blocks and closing out rooms. No additional action is needed.
  • Notices have already started to go out. If you do not receive a notice within 72 hours, you should contact the hotel directly.