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Sponsored in part by Texas Gaming Empire & Critical Hit Gaming

San Japan Arcade
Arcade & Games

Electronic / Console

San Japan Electronic Gaming areas will be hosting multiple gaming tournaments on a large projection screen and over 100 consoles of all different types. The console sections will be located in Hall 4 of the HBG convention center with over 60,000 square feet section set aside. We will have one of the largest game rooms at any Texas anime convention.

Free Play Console Section

We will have over  100 of all kinds from OG XBOX to PS4.

All free play is handled by Critical Hit Gaming.


Tournaments with cash entry are paid online or on-site at the convention inside the game room. All tournaments will have a limit on the number of entries and tend to fill up based on the game’s popularity.

There are no refunds on convention badges even if you cannot enter a tournament.

Any questions about the tournaments will be posted here or sent to the contracted gaming group as San Japan does not have any information about tournament setups beyond what’s listed in the tournament schedule.

Tournament entry prices will be listed on the schedule when it is available.

Tournament Rules

Japanese Arcade

San Japan is partnering with multiple arcade suppliers to ensure that we bring Japanese arcade cabinets to our convention attendees. We will list the arcade games by September 1st. Most importantly, all games will be free of charge to play as long as you have a valid convention badge.

San Japan is planning to have over 125 arcade cabinets of all kinds. We will have a plethora of Japanese music rhythm games not seen at any other Texas anime convention. We work hard to bring out the largest arcade at any Texas anime convention.

2023 list to be posted by August 25th.

Retro Gaming

Bits To Bytes Gaming and Computer History Museum was established in 2016 to preserve the history of home and arcade entertainment through working examples of retro gaming consoles and other gaming curiosities. Bits to Bytes boasts a mobile museum comprised of more than 100 traditional and handheld consoles, computers and peripheral devices from across every generation of gaming that can be viewed and played with.

The museum goes beyond a cursory look at the gaming industry and tries to include as many examples from video gaming’s rich history as possible. You won’t just find an NES or Genesis at the museum, but a range of devices including numerous Pong-style machines to lesser-known consoles like Milton Bradley’s handheld Microvision.  The museum aims to showcase everything it can related to gaming from Atari to XBOX from all across the world.

Indie Gaming

San Japan is setting up an Indie Gaming section for the convention. Furthermore, it is completely free for Independent Game Developers and comes with one complimentary badge. You can promote your game to the over 20,000 attendees.

Restrictions apply. This section will be for game demonstrations. The complimentary table section will not allow the selling of games. If you wish to sell the game please inquire with San Japan on an Indie Game Booth.

Tabletop Gaming

At San Japan we will have a tabletop section with dozens of games to demo along with a large section to allow fans of CCG/TCG games to play against each other. There will be tournaments throughout the weekend. The tabletop area will require a convention badge in order to participate in all free play and tournaments.

Tabletop At San Japan

Tabletop Schedule - Posted By August 25th