2012 Art Contest Entries

We have selected the winners for our art contest for San Japan: Mach 5 / 2012. Thank you very much to all of the entries this year. The 2012 theme was “Old-School”.


The winner of our T-Shirt contest is Carly D. The winner of our Mega Art Contest is Edgar C.


The Mega Art contest runner-ups were John Yume, Christine H., Corene W., Elyssa C., Lane M., Patricia S. and Suelby L.

2012 T-Shirt Art Entries

By Anastasia Holl

By Carli Tennison

By Chrislea Murray

By Christel Schlager

By Christine Hou

By Feipi Tai.

By G. Langtree-Price

By Kiersten Rodriguez

By Lane Montoya

By Lane Montoya

By Patricia Sipes

By Patricia Sipes

By Pete Velasquez

By Samantha French

By Suelby Lee

2012 Mega Art Entries

By Adrienne S

By Andrew B

By Carl B

By Carl B

By Carl B

By Christine H

By Edgar C

By Edna G

By Elyssa C

By Feipi T

By Greg S

By Jesus G

By Lane M

By Moonki G

By Nina S

By Patricia S

By Pete V

By Pete V

By Samantha F

By Samantha F

By Suelby L