2020-2022 Art Contest Entries

Below are our 2020-2022 Art Contest Entries. Thank you very much for all of the entries that we’ve received this year. This was the most entries that we’ve received to date. We had over 140 entries this time. We appreciate the hard work.

The 2022 theme was “Horror/Supernatural”.

2020 – 2022 T-Shirt Contest Winners

2020 – 2022 Mega Art Contest Winners

2020-2022 Finalist

The finalists were Cute N Deadly, Dracooties, Elefluff, Eunnieverse, Fair Lady Gallery, Java Ink, Mega Mouse Art, Mirshroom, motlioct0nami, PASipes, pastelmonstaa, Sacchim, Tori S., and Yozara Studios. Special consideration goes to Radius Zero and GinCat.

2020-2022 Art Entries