AMV Contest

San Japan is once again the host of the AMV League Nationals.
You can submit your AMV to us and see the best AMVs from around the nation.

2018 Winners

“The Other Side of the TV” by Sephirothskr

“Destiny” by DAPSEpako

“Bonnyworld” by Unlucky Artist

Bloom” by SliceofLife

2018 Additional Entries

“Warrior’s Song” by CJEJTHEDJ

“STARUTO: Naruto In Space” by OXR Studio

AMV League Rules

Welcome to the submissions page for San Japan 2020!



You do not have to be present at an AMV League Event to win.

AMV stands for “Animated Music Video.”  The footage you use to create your video must be primarily animated, regardless of the animation’s country of origin, medium, or artistic style.


from “Metal Gear Waifu” by NoglasticNinja


from “Take Pills” by Bry__


from “Skyscraper” by thefanvideoer2


from “iTama” by darkangel

Technical Requirements

  • The footage of your video must be of good quality, with a minimum video resolution of 640×480 and with a limited audio fuzziness or video artifacts.  If you ripped your video from a low-quality streaming site, it has a very low chance of being accepted.
  • We strongly prefer videos in MP4 format.  If videos are submitted in other formats, we will need to convert them to MP4 for the live presentation, which can cause quality issues.  (Any videos we are unable to convert to MP4 will be disqualified.)
  • Your submission must be located somewhere we can download it, such as a hosting site like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.  (There is a separate field in the submission form for “Streaming Link” which is for YouTube, Vimeo, AMV.org, etc. ) 

Freshness Requirements

  • A single video may only qualify for the AMV League Regionals ONCE. (This means we will not accept a video that has already won a “Best” award at an AMV League Qualifier, or has moved on to the Regionals as a Wild Card.)
  • Additionally, a single video may only be a Finalist in an AMV League Qualifier TWICE. (This means we will not accept a video that has already been shown in two separate AMV League Qualifying Events).
  • Finally, a video must have been completed less than three years before the Qualifier’s deadline. (For example, if a Qualifier has a deadline of June 9, 2020, the video must have been completed on or after June 9, 2017.)



Subtitles (such as fansubs) that are unrelated to the video.(Subtitles that an editor
has added to the video themselves are ok.)


Any instance of original production credits from the animation, other than just the title of the source footage (such as a My Hero Academia logo).


Any watermarks, including editor-added watermarks and watermarks for TV stations and streaming sites.


Exceedingly poor audio or video quality.(Seriously, please do not submit your AMV if you ripped your footage from a low-quality streaming site.)


Any credits/bumpers will be removed. If they cannot be removed, the video will be disqualified.We will add our own “MTV-style” credits to each video.

(If it’s just the title of the video and it looks professional and relevant to the video (like the shot below from
Erik Heckert’s “Toxic”), that’s ok.)



Inappropriate content, such as any R-rated gore or nudity, any use of the ‘F’ word or ‘S’ word, or any other language that would not be permitted in a PG-13 film.
  • By submitting a video, you give Vitamin H Productions permission to link to your video (or, if necessary, host your video) in the contest results, and to showcase your video, fully credited as created by you, at any convention appearance as part of an AMV League Event.​
  • Any questions regarding this AMV League event should be directed to admin@amvleague.com.
  • For the official AMV League scoring systemclick here.