AMV Contest

San Japan is once again the host of the AMV League Nationals.
You can submit your AMV to us and see the best AMVs from around the nation.

2018 Winners

“The Other Side of the TV” by Sephirothskr

“Destiny” by DAPSEpako

“Bonnyworld” by Unlucky Artist

Bloom” by SliceofLife

2018 Additional Entries

“Warrior’s Song” by CJEJTHEDJ

“STARUTO: Naruto In Space” by OXR Studio

AMV League Rules

1.  AMV stands for “Animated Music Video.”  Animation from any source – Japanese, American, Video Game, 3D, 2D, etc. – will be accepted.  Videos that are primarily live action will not be accepted.
2.  Video resolution should be no less than standard definition.  Audio should be CD quality or better.
3.  We strongly prefer MP4 format.  If you submit a video in any other format, we will convert it to MP4.  If we cannot convert it to MP4, it will be disqualified.
4.  You do not have to be present at an AMV League Event to win.
5.  AMV League events consist of three local-level categories – Action, Drama, and Fun/Upbeat.

  • Action – High intensity AMVs that focus on movement and excitement.  From epic sword battles to high-speed chases and even sports showdowns.
  • Drama – AMVs that focus on strong emotions. Heartwarming romance, gut-wrenching tragedy, and tense thrillers all belong here.
  • Fun/Upbeat – For all the videos who don’t fit in to either of the other categories, whether surreal, funny, quirky, or catchy.

6.  You may submit a maximum of one video per category per AMV League Event.
7.  If the judges feel your video would be better suited for a different category, it may be reassigned.
8.  If there are fewer than four submissions to any of the three local-level categories OR fewer than twelve qualifying submissions overall, all local-level entries will be placed into a single “Best Overall” category and judged appropriately.  If there are fewer than six qualifying submissions overall, we will have an “AMV Showcase” consisting of all qualifying submissions as well as some of our favorite AMVs of all time from around the internet in lieu of a contest. In this case, all qualifying submissions will again be eligible for judging in future AMV League events.
9.  AMVs will be judged on the following criteria. Each category will be scored on a scale of 1 to 20, for a maximum of 140 points.

  • Concept/Originality – Does the basic idea of the video work? Is the story or concept one that is both original and makes sense?
  • Emotional Appeal – Does the video make the viewer feel appropriately happy, sad, excited, scared or other feelings (depending on the category submitted)?
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Does the video look good?  Do the special effects add to the quality of the video or detract from it?  Does the music choice enhance the video or make it harder to watch?
  • Rhythm/Sync – Does what’s happening on screen match the timing of the audio? Is there lip sync or mickey-mousing? Does what’s happening on screen seem tied to some part of the song (be it beat, lyrics, or melody)?
  • Technical Prowess – Has the editor added any special polish to the video?  Are filters, transitions and effects applied in ways that enhance the look of the video, or do they distract from the video?   Does it seem like the editor understands how to control and execute those effects?  Has the video been rendered and encoded properly, without artifacting or resampling issues?
  • Flow/Editing – Are cuts made in appropriate places?  Does the motion onscreen flow well between cuts?  Does the AMV feel like a single cohesive whole, with scenes transitioning well into one another, or does it feel like just a bunch of random unrelated scenes?
  • Rewatchability – Does the video hold up to repeated viewings? Is it one that people would want to experience again and again?

10.  The highest-scoring video in each category shall win a “Best” award in that category.  The highest-scoring video that does not win a “Best” award shall be named “Honorable Mention.”  All videos that win a “Best” or “Honorable Mention” award at the individual event level will be entered into the AMV League National Championships.
11.  ANY SINGLE VIDEO SHOWN AT AN AMV LEAGUE EVENT MAY NOT AGAIN BE SUBMITTED TO ANY OTHER AMV LEAGUE EVENT.  Videos previously submitted to non-League AMV contests ARE eligible, as are videos that are submitted to a League Event and not shown at that Event.
12.  Videos submitted to AMV League Events may not have been created earlier than two years prior to the deadline of the AMV League Event to which they are submitted.  (e.g. If an AMV League Event’s deadline is March 30, 2017, videos created earlier than March 30, 2015 are ineligible for that particular AMV League Event.)
13.  All videos must be uploaded to a hosting site such as Google Drive or Dropbox. NO YOUTUBE OR OTHER STREAMING LINKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
14.  The following will result in immediate disqualification:

  • Exceedingly poor audio or video quality.
  • Visible watermarks (e.g. “TV Tokyo” or “Funimation” logo in the corner) or subtitles (such as fansubs) that are unrelated to the video.  Covering subtitles or watermarks with black boxes, blur, pixelation, etc. or blowing your video up so that subtitles and watermarks are out of frame will also result in disqualification.
  • Any instance of opening or closing credits from the anime.  Some exception may be made for the title of the anime, if related to the video.
  • Nudity, gore, or any use of profanity that would not be permitted in a PG-13 film.
  • Any credits, bumpers, etc. will be removed.  If they cannot be removed, the video will be disqualified.  We will add our own “MTV-Style” credits to each video.  Some exception may be made for the title of the AMV, if it looks professional and is relevant to the video.

15.  By submitting a video, you give Vitamin H Productions permission to link to your video from the contest results or, if unable to find your video on a streaming site, to upload and host your video themselves on this website.  You also give Vitamin H Productions permission to showcase your video, fully credited as created by you, at any convention appearance as part of an AMV League Event or within the VHTV project.

2019 Submissions have not opened at this time.