New Events In 2023

Laser Tag

The Nomad Way

At Nomad Mobile Laser Tag, we bring the excitement of laser tag to the location of your choice.

All events are free for attendees to participate inwith a valid convention badge.

Look out for it in HBG Room 221AB.

Premier Event Wrestling

Premiere Pro Wrestling/Lucha Libre promotion based in Central Texas. Specializing in nonprofit events. Matches will be taking place on Friday and Saturday in Hall 1.

Figure Museum

We will be bringing all of you otakus a unique experience with our statue room for this year. It will be open all 3 days with the option to purchase any you see. We have some insane statues that will be revealed and we know you otakus will go crazy for. We’ve been preparing for this for months and know y’all will love it!!

Look out for it in the HBG Room 222

VR Zone

Look out for it in Video Game Hall 4A

Join Baz at VR Zone to play the latest VR games, fight zombies, drum with a cat, slice fruits or dodge bullets at their free to play VR game room.

Cosplay Museum

Look out for it in the HBG Room 223

If you’ve ever wanted to get an up close and personal look at remarkable costumes from all skill sets and craftsmanship levels, the Cosplay Museum is your gateway to that experience. Curated by Southern Cospitality Cosplay, this Museum displays elegant and incredible works from all kinds of cosplayers, displaying excellence and imagination in sewing craft, armor, prop making, and costuming ingenuity. Submissions come from all over the country and are displayed for the entire weekend. Southern Cospitality Cosplay’s docents are knowledgeable and there to answer any questions about the exhibits.

As they say to almost everyone who comes to the museum; “Feel free to look around, take pictures, and ask questions! All we ask is that you don’t touch the exhibits and not cross the tape line!”

Southern Cospitality Cosplay is a Texas-based cosplay group “specializing in doing whatever we want”, as they say. They have over 15 years of experience in costuming, cosplay shows, cosplay judging, etc, as well as a deep passion for the craft and showing all of its potentials as a form of self-expression.

If you want to get in contact with Southern Cospitality Cosplay directly, they can be reached at: