Cosplay Museum Submissions

If you’ve ever wanted to get an up close and personal look at remarkable costumes from all skill sets and craftsmanship levels, the Cosplay Museum is your gateway to that experience. Curated by Southern Cospitality Cosplay, this Museum displays elegant and incredible works from all kinds of cosplayers, displaying excellence and imagination in sewing craft, armor, prop making, and costuming ingenuity. Submissions come from all over the country and are displayed for the entire weekend. Southern Cospitality Cosplay’s docents are knowledgeable and there to answer any questions about the exhibits.

As they say to most everyone who comes to the museum; “Feel free to look around, take pictures, ask questions! All we ask is that you don’t touch the exhibits and not cross the tape line!”

If you want to submit for the museum, submissions typically open in early summer and are always announced on San Japan social media. There will be a form to fill out, where they’ll ask for information on the costume as well as some plain pictures that show the whole costume, front and back. They take submissions from cosplayers of all skill levels, and your work need not have won any awards to be eligible for display. If a costume is difficult to display on a standard mannequin, just contact us, and they’ll see if they can work something out. The most important thing is just to do it!

Southern Cospitality Cosplay is a Texas-based cosplay group “specializing in doing whatever we want”, as they say. They have over 15 years of experience in costuming, cosplay shows, cosplay judging, etc, as well as a deep passion for the craft and showing all of its potential as a form of self-expression.

If you want to get in contact with Southern Cospitality Cosplay directly, they can be reached at: