Itasha – Anime Car Show

Itasha is a sub-culture of the car community that focuses on decorating one’s vehicle with their favorite anime character or series. This style originated from Japan back in the mid 2000’s and is continually growing to this day! Don’t forget to check out the itasha exhibit and take some time to appreciate what these owners have put in for their favorite character(s)!

How do I get my car into the car show?Apply by filling out the form applications. Emails will be sent out to all applicants within 2 weeks after the July 25th deadline.
How many cars will be accepted into the car show?We are planning to have at most 30 cars this year.
How long does my car have to be at the convention?All car show participants are expected to arrive on Thursday, September 1st for roll-in and MUST stay until Sunday, September 4th for roll-out. (Details of specific timeframes will be determined later) Cars CANNOT be started / moved after being parked. You can access your car as needed during convention hours.
Will there be security to watch over the cars?No. The cars will not have dedicated personnel watching over them. However, there will be signage for attendees to not touch the cars.
Are there any regulations or rules I will need to follow during the convention?The details of all the rules regarding roll-in, display, roll-out, and everything else in-between will be sent out to the applicants who have their cars accepted.
Do I receive any kind of compensation for bringing my car to the convention?Yes. All car show participants will receive two (2) 3-day passes. There is no monetary compensation.
I really need to talk to someone who is in charge of the car show. What should I do?Send an email to carshow(at)san-japan.org OR use our contact form which goes to the same person.