Masquerade Dance


Event Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 217

Date: Friday, August 30th, 2024

Doors Open: 8:00PM

Start Time: 8:30PM

End Time: 10:30 PM

Theme: Encanto Masquerade Gift Ceremony

The Masked ball is a formal dance event. All attendees must present a valid convention badge in order to enter this event. All clothing must adhere to standards of style and grooming. To keep the formal and mature atmosphere we also enforce a 13+ age limit at this event. If you have additional questions, visit our Masquerade Dance Facebook Group.

Formal Masquerade San Antonio 2023



This year’s Formal Masquerade will help support the mission of San Japan Charitable Endeavors by contributing to our charities of choice for 2024. We’re excited to be able to support local charities that strive to make San Antonio a better place.

2024 Charity Selection: Project Prom Dress San Antonio.

Ticket Early Availability
1250 tickets will be available on the Ticketspice registration portal for a $7.30+fees contribution. Ticket revenue (after processing fees) will go directly to our charities of choice for 2024. We are switching to digital payment only.

Gold & Premiere Pass
Gold & Premiere Pass holders are required to purchase charity dance tickets to attend.

At-Door / On-Site Tickets – NOT GUARANTEED
We are switching to digital payment only. All tickets must be purchased on the San Japan Ticketspice registration portal.

Your digital masquerade dance ticket will allow you to check for this event at the charity dance. All attendees must pick up their 3-day physical pass at attendee registration before attending the formal masquerade dance.

Friday attendee registration closes at 9 PM SHARP. We do not accommodate late arrivals at attendee registration, so please plan accordingly.

Visit our Masquerade Dance Facebook Group

You can ask in there if your attire will be approved if you are unsure about the dress code listed below.



  • Tuxedos and suits are highly encouraged.
  • Vests, sports coats are also acceptable.
  • Dress shirts and ties are required.
  • Ethnic dress and steampunk attire will be allowed so long as they adhere to the above mentioned rules.
  • Polo shirts, khakis, and t-shirts will not be permitted.
  • Jeans of any color or type will NOT be allowed into the room.
  • Appropriately formal footwear should be worn. Please greatly refrain from tennis shoes or sneakers. Don’t be THAT guy as we put a ban on them if too many show up in sneakers.


  • Dresses must be mid-knee length to floor length.
  • Dresses should not be too revealing (low cut, slits that are too high, mid-drift, etc.).
  • High-low dresses will be allowed as long as the highest part of the dress is at least knee length.
  • Pant suits are allowed.
  • Lolita style fashion, traditional eastern dress, and steampunk attire is allowed so long as it adheres to the above mentioned rules.
  • Attire should not be overly see-through. All garments with translucent elements should have at least the minimum coverage required by San Japan cosplay rules.
  • Appropriately formal footwear should be worn. Sandals are not allowed. Open-toed shoes should be worn with caution.


  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • You must have a mask to enter the ball.
  • Masks may be painted on but should be of quality and style appropriate to a formal occasion. Slapdash or messy masks may be turned away at the door.
  • Masks on a stick will be acceptable for those with glasses.
  • Unacceptable masks include: Monster or Halloween style masks, Military masks (gas masks or tactical gear, etc.), Luchador or other wrestling style masks, comic or anime character masks, or helmets.


  • Cosplay will be allowed as long as it adheres to all masquerade attire rules.
  • Excessively large headwear, wigs, or hats may be turned away at the door.
  • Cosplays must be formal in nature.
  • Props longer than arms length are not allowed in.
  • No weapons of any sort will be permitted into the ball.
  • Wigs will be allowed so long as they are neat and tidy.


  • Please arrive well-groomed and appropriately hygienic for interacting at a social dance.
  • Deodorant is recommended, please be aware that the ballroom may become extremely warm when at capacity.
  • Body spray, perfume, cologne, or other scents should be used sparingly. Excessive use of these products may prevent your admission to the event.


  • Press will be allowed entry into the ball.
  • Must have appropriate “Press Badge” to be allowed entry.
  • Press do not have to be dressed in formal attire but should dress as to appear unobtrusive.

Masquerade Dance Gallery