San Japan Idol Festival

Get your penlights ready! San Japan Idol Festival is hitting the stage in 2024!

SJIF will be an idol festival headed to the stage for San Japan 15! We’re excited to host this festival featuring a variety of performers, including singing, dancing, J-Pop and K-Pop, as well as dazzling costume to match!

Auditions for SJIF will be open May 1st and will close on May 24th

San Japan Idol Festival 2024

Will badges be compensated?Performers will be compensated with badges courtesy of San Japan.
When is San Japan Idol Festival? SJIF will be held on the main stage as San Japan, August 31st, at 11am-1pm with a meet & greet afterwards.
What will be allowed on stage? Will any equipment be provided?Performers will be allowed to submit their music as well as visuals for their performance. Handheld mics will be provided for vocalists, however wireless headset, or wireless mics such as Laviliers cannot be provided, nor will they be permitted to use for your performance. All props should be submitted for approval with SJIF staff ahead of time to confirm they fit within the conventions rules and regulations.
What is San Japan Idol Festival?San Japan Idol Festival is an idol festival that will be held at San Japan! The festival will be audition based, and it will showcase a number of performances. Acts will be open to dancers, singers, J-pop and K-pop performances, cover artists, variety groups, as well as original idols.
What is expected?Acceptance / Denial emails will be sent out by June 1st, 2024. Performers will be given a 10 or 15 min time slot, and your assigned time slot will be emailed to you with your acceptance email. ALL performers are required to attend the MANDATORY sound check / rehearsal time. Performers will also be required to submit music and visuals by the given due date.
What am I allowed to submit?We love all idols and want to be a part of an inclusive overseas idol community that celebrates everyone! That being said, sets will be open to dancers, singers, J-Pop, K-Pop, cosplay idols, as well as original idols, cover artists, and variety groups.
How can I audition?Auditions will be open from May 1st to May 24th, and will close at 11:59 CST May 24th. You can fill out an application using the form link provided. Please DO NOT email or DM any auditions submissions, these will not be accepted.
Have any other questions?Feel free to reach out, send a DM to @sj.idolfest on Instagram, or email with your questions.

Pics are from San Japan 2019 Texas Idol Festival.