Laura Bailey

Voice Over Guest

Laura Bailey got her start voice acting playing Kid Trunks on the hit series Dragonball Z, and went on to play several leads in other popular anime titles. Some of her most recognizable roles are: Shin in “Shin Chan”, Tohru Honda in “Fruits Basket”, Lust in “Fullmetal Alchemist”,Keiko in “Yu Yu Hakusho”, Sana in “Kodocha”, Marlene in “Blue Gender”, Oboro in “Basilisk”, and Henrietta in “Gunslinger Girl”

But her list of credits doesn’t end there. Laura has worked on over forty titles in both Texas and California, providing her directing and producing talents to many of them. To see her full list of credits, visit her website.

And for those gamers out there, you can hear Laura’s voice as Chun Li in the upcoming release of Streetfighter IV, as well as in the BloodRayne games (as the vampire Rayne), Digsaea 3, Aeon Flux, Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War, Dawn of Mana, Dragonball Z: Budokai, (along with a thousand other DBZ games) and many others.

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