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Texas Hard Dance DJ, Emanuel Guillermo, better known by his stage name Arson, debuted by bringing the heat to the decks in 2015. Arson has already set the local scene ablaze and has since headlined several shows, including A State of Bass, and has represented Hard Dance at recurring Houston shows such as Rage Monsters’ Sound of the Underground, A Little Help From My Friends, Rapture, and Straight Up F Rave. His talents are not limited to Hardstyle; catch him lighting up dance floors with Hard Trance to Hardcore and everything in between. Arson has provided direct support for artists such as Da Tweekaz, Darren Styles, Gammer, and Kutski, and has also shared the stage with Wasted Penguinz, LNY TNZ, Lady Faith, and Skellism. Be sure to wear your protective gear, because Arson is a force that cannot be extinguished.



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