Brendan Blaber (aka “JelloApocalypse”

Brendan Blaber

Brendan Blaber (aka “JelloApocalypse”

Brendan Blaber

Years Attended: 2019

Brendan Blaber (aka “JelloApocalypse”) is a YouTuber and voice actor best known for his So This is Basically… series where he pokes fun at video games, cartoons, and anime! His voice can be heard in games such as BattleCon Online (Hikaru), Seduce Me (Saero), and XOXO Droplets (Shiloh), as well as dozens of other projects scattered across the internet. He is also the illustrator and voice of Sensei in Pizza Game!

In his spare time, he draws a webcomic called Cornucopia and streams stupid tabletop games with friends.

This guest will be at the convention for all three days.

Autograph Policy: Autographs will be free for all attendees.
Autograph Policy:

Days Attending:

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