Cory Yee

Voice Over Guest

Cory Yee is a Chinese American voice actor, most well known for Gorou in Genshin Impact, Akito in Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Beholder in the award winning To Your Eternity.

Cory grew up in Southern California and early on found a passion for nerdy and creative outlets. Loving video games, animation, musical theater, vocal ensemble, and improv, Cory had the seeds of voice acting planted early on. But because of his Chinese American heritage, acting as a profession always seemed like an impossibility. Still wanting to pursue storytelling, Cory went to film school and spent nearly a decade in every job for on set production. However, filmmaking wasn’t as fulfilling as he hoped, as acting was in his heart. After transitioning to the Voice Acting side of the industry through immense hard work and the good will of many, Cory considers himself to be incredibly fortunate to be able to do what he cares about and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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