Years Attended: 2023

DJ WILDPARTY started playing at the age of 18. Initially, he started in the genre of Breakcore and then gradually expanded into more genres , getting himself known.

While he was performing at DOMMUNE’s program “MP3 KILLED CD STARS “, he showed off his cross over DJ skill playing electro, hip hop, idol pop, anime song, game music, break core, and folk music, gaining a lot of attention from the crowd.

WILDPARTY often performs at various venues in Tokyo and throughout the country, acting as a resident DJ for the CIRCUS Tokyo event series, AUDIO TWO, and being a frequent guest at various events held under the Akihabara club, MOGRA.

Autograph Policy:

This guest will be requiring attendees to purchase merchandise at the convention in order to obtain a photo or autograph. This guest will be performing on Saturday night 9/3.

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VIP Brunch Attendance

Not Confirmed

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