DM Ashura

DM Ashura

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William “Bill” James Robert Shillito, more commonly known as DM Ashura is an electric artist whose work can be found in the music games, 02Jam, Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDK, Flash Flash Revolution, and Pump It Up.

DM Ashura lived in Queens for 8 years and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He started playing piano at the age of 2 and composing around age 8. He also has played viola since age 12. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Modern Language, specifically Japanese, but he also speaks Spanish. He started teaching Maths in 2009 and was working towards a Masters degree in Teaching. He has published a youtube series, “Introduction to Higher Mathematics”, and has collaborated on an animated TED video on Matrix Operations.

Bill creates his music under the name DM Ashura; the “DM” stands for Digital Maestro, while “Ashura” (spelled 阿修羅) is Japanese for “fighting demon”. He has made a number of remixes (mostly from music games), particularly “neoMAX” (a remix of the MAX series), which won first place in Tournamix 4, a DDR stepfile-writing contest. He has also since written a number of original tracks and is well known in the music game community for his work.

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