Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity

Years Attended: 2019

Do As Infinity is a rock band formed by Tomiko Van (Vo.) and Ryo Owatari (Gt. & Vo.)

Do As Infinity was formed in 1999. They had held street performances mainly at Hachi-ko in Shibuya more than 100 times before their debut. On September 29th 1999 they released their debut single “Tangerine Dream” on avex trax.

With dozens of hit songs and albums reaching a million in sales, they have established a firm position in the Japanese music industry.

In 2017,  the single trilogy, sound-produced by Hiroyuki Sawano  “Alive / Iron Hornet” and “To Know You” were released. The third one  “Keshin no Kemono,” the ending song for the TV animation “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, ” was released on December 6th.

Since July 2017, they have held for first-time tours in 4 South American countries, held concerts in Taiwan and Singapore and performed at the big music festival in Jakarta. Now, with their 19th anniversary since their debut, they have continued to be active worldwide.

In 2018, they released their original album “ALIVE”, their first release in about 3 years!

Their tour “Do As Infinity LIVE TOUR 2018-ALIVE-” which started on 5/19, including 2 days show in Taiwan, was sold out.

Also, they performed at TAC IN Taiwan and Singapore NATSU ROCK2018.

In September, they successfully held their first concert in Shanghai.

In 2019, for their 20th anniversary, numerous releases and a tour are planned.

They continue to work energetically.

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Do As Infinity Concert Frequently Asked Questions

Does this concert require an additional ticket?No. Your valid 2019 San Japan convention badge will get you into the concert based on seat availability and capacity. We are anticipating that the venue will reach capacity.
Am I guaranteed entry to see the concert if I have a valid 2019 convention badge?The only attendees who will be GUARANTEED to see the concert when the doors open for seating will be Gold Pass, Premiere Pass and the Band Pass. These pass holders will be allowed entry 30 minutes prior to when the general attendees will be allowed into the theater. All other general attendees badges will be let in based on venue and seating capacity.
When is the concert?The concert will take place on Saturday, August 31st, 2019 at the Lila Cockrell Theater located inside the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. This will be taking place during San Japan XII / 2019 Convention. The time will be 4:00PM Central.
Will video or photos be allowed for the concert? Will it be streamed?At this time we have not verified if pictures will be allowed. Video will not be allowed. This concert will not be streamed.
What's the BAND PASS? How much will it cost? What are the perks?Band Pass will be $150, limit 150 passes. It includes an autographed poster, guarantee orchestra seating, and the opportunity to meet Do As Infinity. The MEET & GREET will take place for BAND PASS holders only. The Meet & Greet will take place after the concert at the Grand Hyatt on Saturday Evening.
For autographs, how will that be handled?It will be first come/first serve for all attendees at a selected location within the convention. All attendees will be required to purchase an album ONSITE in order to obtain an autograph. The band will only sign items purchased at the convention. It will be CASH ONLY. Photos with the band will NOT be allowed at the autograph session.
Will any valid San Japan 2019 badge get me into the concert if capacity hasn't been reached?Yes, we will allow all valid San Japan 2019 badges to attend as we will allow one-day, three-day, pre-registration and all other valid San Japan convention badges based on venue seat capacity.
Will DAI be participating at the Gold Pass VIP Brunch or VIP Autograph Session on Sunday?No, they will not.
What is the capacity of the Lila Cockrell Theater?There are 2200 seats available total in the venue.
Is this seriously happening?Absolutely. We've been working for a very long time to bring them out to San Japan. This will be their first time in the US in fifteen years.
Can I save a seat for my friend?No. We will be strictly enforcing that no saved seats will be allowed. We are anticipating to reach capacity for this concert.
When will be the earliest that general attendees can queue up?The earliest will be Saturday 8/31 1:00PM after the Triforce Quartet concert has concluded. The lines will queue down the hallway starting at the Hall 4 crossway all the way down to Hall 1-3 lobby area. There will be signs where line-up will take place.
Will the concert only be Do As Infinity?We are planning to have an opening act prior to Do As Infinity performance. If we reach venue capacity prior to the opener starting their performance then we will not be allowing anyone else in. We will not have a queue to allow people in once we reach the venue capacity.
Is the Lila Cockrell Theater an open floor venue?The venue is a seated venue only. There are three sections of Orchestra, First Balcony, and Second Balcony. We will be projecting them on a dual projection screen so everyone can see them.
I have a GOLD/PREMIERE/BAND Pass. Where will our seats be located?We will have a section marked off for these pass holders in the orchestra area front row area. We will have guaranteed seating when the doors open for these pass holders. Once 30 minutes has passed we will open the rest of seating to the general attendee passes.
I already purchased a 3-day pass for San Japan. Can I upgrade it through a Band Pass?No. You must purchase a Band Pass then you can request a refund on the three-day pass. You must purchase from the same email and information to verify that you qualify for a refund. Refund requests must go to We will not handle refunds at the convention.
Does the Band Pass also include full access to San Japan convention over 3 days or do I have to purchase another pass too?It does include access to San Japan at all sections just like all other attendees. You are not required to purchase another badge.
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