Find The Rabbit

US Music Act

Find the Rabbit is a San Francisco native now Las Vegas based artist that started her journey from behind the scenes as a Visual Operator (VJ) at the production booth in 2014 to making it on the stage as a Bass and Trance DJ. Starting her journey behind the decks in late 2020, building her reputation in the Twitch community ranking Top 0.1% with over 10 million minutes watched on her channel and over 250,000 unique viewers.

Rabbit is known for her hard hitting, energetic bass that will keep your heart pumping while mixing unique cross genre blends of Hardstyle, Dubstep, and Hardcore while healing your soul with Trance and Japanese EDM inspired sounds. Rabbit’s unique sounds match her stage appearance and presence that will light-up a room on her own. The Rabbit Army is her community built on mental health advocates to find inner strength to make going through all the struggles worth living in this very moment. As she captivates you with her tracks, one day she wants to captivate you with her voice in the future as an aspiring vocalist. “Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated. Let me celebrate all the struggles and triumphs you endured to make it to this moment. Let’s make this night worth it, together”.

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