Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer

Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer

Years Attended: 2014

From Otakon to Anime Expo, Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer teleports conventions, performing his unique brand of geek-specific stand-up comedy. Panel leader, Cosplay Masquerade MC, playwright, puppeteer and podcaster, Yo goes where he is needed to celebrate fandoms, welcome newcomers, and promote equality. You can hear him voice every dog and trainer in the Android game “Top Dog: Lucky’s Charm.”

He is the self-published author of “The Anime Convention Survival Guide” as a single on Amazon as well as the roast of the 1996 Doctor Who movie starring the 8th Doctor on iTunes. His latest puppet-based fantasy comedy series, “Dungeon Crawlers,” is premiering this year on Youtube. Every Monday his podcast, “We are the Geek” tackles current issues within fandoms, reviews shows and features up-and-coming fan-lebrities as Yo. His two latest albums, Ecto-Kitt-Lorean and Matching Hair Clips are ready for download at Amazon and iTunes. His web work can be viewed with cameo on several Nostalgia Critic reviews,including starring in the 5th Anniversary short for Thatguywiththeglasses.com, DragonBored. Yo was also featured on SchnozMan and Hole Punch as florist sociopath and super-villain, Jeff Regean.

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