Kazuhiro Soeta

Kazuhiro Soeta

Years Attended: 2018

Kazuhiro Soeta was born in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 1962. From the time he was in high school, he participated in creating independently-produced animation. After graduation, he entered the animation industry; his first job was in the finishing department of Dr. Slump: Arale-chan. After that, he became an animator and participated in many works as a key animator, animation director, character designer, anime director, managaka, and a Setagaya Touken Kai member. He has been involved in many classic anime series in various roles from Animator to Storyboard Artist and even produced his own manga as well.

Here are some of his major works:

Record of Lodoss War (Animation Director)
Lord of Lords Ryū Knight (Character Design, Animation Director)
Vision of Escaflowne (Ending Key Animation)
Cowboy Bebop (Opening Key Animation)
Turn A Gundam (Ending Key Animation)
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (Main Character Original Design)
Inuyasha (Opening Key Animation)
Itazura na Kiss (Character Design)
Detective Conan movies (Unit Director, Assistant Director)
ReLIFE (Storyboard, Episode Director)
Overlord II (Storyboard, Episode Director)


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