Leraldo Anzaldua

Leraldo Anzaldua

Leraldo Anzaldua

Leraldo Anzaldua

Years Attended: 2023

LERALDO ANZALDUA is a Houston, TX-based Actor, Motion Capture Performer for Film and Video Games, an Anime Voice Over Artist, and Fight Director with the Society of American Fight Directors. He is a voiceover talent of over 100 characters with Sentai Filmworks with most prominent roles including Ken/ G-1 –Gatchaman; Takashi- High School of the Dead; Ralph Halo Legends, Noda- Angel Beats, Kei Tsukishima – Haikyu!; Ryo Kurokiba – Food Wars! and Yuta Togashi – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. With Funimation: Largo – One Piece and many more. He has many titles currently on Netflix, Hulu, and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. He has been a motion capture performer and fights director with Sony Pictures in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a Motion Capture Fight Director & Talent for video games in Stockholm & Uppsala, Sweden.

He has received a Master’s Degree in Acting from the University of Houston. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Movement and Stage Combat with the Dept of Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance at Indiana University.

Autograph Policy:

$20 Selfie
$40 Autograph
$50 Combo Autograph + Selfie
$60 Funko
$70 Combo Funko + Selfie

Days Attending:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday All Day

VIP Brunch Attendance


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