Licca's Dollhouse Cosplay Studio

Licca’s Dollhouse Cosplay Studio


Licca’s Dollhouse Cosplay Studio was born from friends wanting rare and unknown characters to be cosplayed. Licca, the founder, learned how to sew in middle school more than 20 years ago, and combined with a wealth of knowledge gained from years working in research laboratories, tackles costume construction and sewing with a unique approach that combines fundamental sewing techniques in unique new ways made possible with modern computer technology and CNC manufacturing techniques.

He primarily does male-to-female crossplay, with an emphasis on proper costume fit and promoting that anyone can crossplay regardless of body type.

Besides his specialty in sewing, he is also skilled in custom-dye work, machine embroidery, embroidery design, 3D printing, 3D modeling, and electronics. The costumes that he has made run the gamut, including characters from the Atelier series of games, magical girls, and idol singers.

Instagram: @liccadollhousecosplaystudio

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