Masayoshi Minoshima

Overseas Music Act

Masayoshi Minoshima is a Japanese music artist who is best known for producing Bad Apple!! feat. nomico, a remix of Bad Apple!! from Touhou Project game Lotus Land Story. He is the owner and founder of the Alstroemeria Records doujin label, well known for its compilations containing remixes of music from the Touhou Project series of doujin games; he is also the creator of the sub-label DOWNFORCE. Masayoshi Minoshima often produces original tracks for various labels, usually for Diverse System and S2TB Recording. He also works with Yoshikazu Nagai, forming the SAISEN TURN group.

He’s the label head for the well known independent label Alstroemeria Records, which releases compilations featuring a wide variety of original tracks in different genres. Lately he’s branched out to doing original tracks for companies such as Konami, and Taito for a number of their games, as well as composing for many large commercial projects in Japan. He is best known for playing Trance, Electro, and Dubstep.

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