Merryweather & Porkimio

Merryweather & Pokurimio

Merryweather & Porkimio

Merryweather & Pokurimio

Years Attended: 2021

About Merryweather

You guys can call me Merry!

I’m a webcomic creator living in Japan that works with many artists from all around the world, in order to bring high-quality artwork into the webcomic world!

In 2017 I became a featured author on the largest webcomic platform in the world, WEBTOON, with two series at the same time!

In 2018 I started doing comics based on memes, some of which got as much as 20,000 retweets, over 30,000 upvotes on reddit, and over 1.2M subscribers on Webtoon in 2020!


About Pokurimio

Hello! I am a freelance artist that streams daily as a full-time streamer on twitch!

I am currently working my way as much as possible while dabbling in many forms of art such as manga making, art bookmaking, t-shirt printing, and concept artwork.


Autograph Policy:

Autograph policy will be decided by the guests. They will both have a vendor booth located in the dealer room to purchase items.

Days Attending:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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