Naoshi Mizuta

Japanese Industry

Naoshi Mizuta is a renowned video game music composer who got his start at Capcom. Like Yoto Shimomura before him, he started out there before becoming a member of Square (now Square Enix), where he composed music for Final Fantasy XIBlood of Bahamut and others.

Mizuta joined Capcom in 1995, where he worked on both CPS2 and console titles (using the alias groovy). His first game music compositions were for Street Fighter Alpha (both the original and arranged versions). His last were for the infamous Mega Man & Bass, which include the game’s opening stage; a fan favorite.

Regarding his work with Capcom, he is perhaps best known for creating the theme for the  series’ token joke character, Dan Hibiki. Mizuta is currently the bassist for The Star Onions, a band that acts as an alternative to The Black Mages. Mizuta is primarily focuses on creating music that fits the title and the scene at hand, without consideration for how it might sound in isolation.

On older consoles, the hardware restricted composers to three channels of audio. Working within these limitations, Mizuta was challenged to create strong, memorable melodies without the aid of atmospheric and accompanying lines. Even without such constraints in modern titles, he feels that this style has its merits and is worth preserving. On the other hand, for alternative presentations of his music such as live performances or piano arrangements, Mizuta feels more free to have fun and play it however he likes Mizuta is heavily influenced by the work of Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as Nobuo Uematsu, his superior at Square. He also draws inspiration from a variety of film scores as well as fan remixes of his work on YouTube.

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