Natalie Hoover

Natalie Hoover

Years Attended: 2018

Natalie Hoover is a professional voice actress residing in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised on a rural farm in Oregon, Natalie had always admired the world of Hollywood. Realizing her passion for the arts, Natalie enrolled herself in several organizations to explore what would soon become her lifelong goal and passion.

Discovering the world of theater, Natalie realized the power of her voice. An instrument she used daily, she decided to channel her interest to a larger audience. In 2009 she created a YouTube account that gained a mass following instantly. With multiple self-made videos that showcased her voice and singing, she had soon grown a consistent following that demanded more.

In 2010 Natalie was awarded the Japanator New York Anime Festival & Comic Con voice acting contest winner. In 2012 she was chosen to voice LADY S in KICK HEART by the creator and director of the film Masaaki Yuasa himself. Her first television appearance was on the hit series SWORD ART ONLINE as Yolko that premiered on Toonami in 2013.

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