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Katrielle, better known online as OR3O, is a YouTube musician that does covers, remixes, and original songs. Since joining YouTube on July 13, 2015, she has gained over 400,000 subscribers and 54 million views.

She is known for her fan made game songs like Bendy and the Ink MachineChapter 3 Song “All Eyes On Me”, Cuphead song “Greedy”, Doki Doki Literature Club song “Doki Doki Forever” and the Five Nights At Freddy’s 6 song “The End”. She also “denies” being Sansika in the music video for “Broki Broki Forever,” despite her obvious vocal patterns shown in the video.

Most of her music is produced together with GenuineMusic, who she met at school when they had to share a dorm. OR3O, in her song “All Eyes On Me”, has made the beat herself, but asked GenuineMusic to polish it and use some instruments from him.

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