Projekt Melody – VSHOJO

Projekt Melody – VSHOJO

Years Attended: 2023

Melody is a smol degenerate and adorable binary expression. She spends her time making unique content, and streaming from multiple platforms (some more cultured than others). Melody is a glitchy artificial intelligence, self-described as altruistic and moderately insane, as she’s sometimes replaced by alter identities; the villainess Melware, and her gremlin side-kick Malady. She asks that her viewers prepare for a lot of swearing, sexual humor, and aggravating dad jokes.



Autograph Policy:

This is a virtual guest. There will not be any autographs nor are there VIP events. The virtual event will be on Saturday 9/2 in Main Programming. The times will be listed in the final schedule.

Days Attending:


VIP Brunch Attendance


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