Overseas Music Act

SHIHORI is one of the most prominent young music creators in Japan today. She composes and sings for movies, video games, TV commercials and anime which includes “FAIRY TAIL”,”The Irregular at Magic High School”, “Macross Frontier”, “Tsubasa”, and so on which are popular worldwide.

Dozens of her songs have made it into the Japanese hit chart, Oricon Chart, and for 11 of them, Shihori has received Gold Disc Certification, having sold each more than 100,000 CDs.

SHIHORI has written songs for some of Japan’s most famous contemporary artists and has collaborated with Kohei Tanaka (composer of world-famous anime series “ONE PIECE”) and Yoko Kanno (composer of “Ghost in the Shell”) as a lyricist.

​Muneo Wakamatsu, who is ex-CEO of Sony Music(Japan), a legendary music producer, highly evaluated her as “Shihori is the biggest impact since after Seiko Matsuda (Japanese legendary pop singer in 80’s) and the genius since after Yu-min, aka Yumi Arai (Japanese legendary singer-songwriter)”.

People often describe her performance and voice as “physically heart-shaking”.

SHIHORI is a frequent performer at venues all over Japan and currently in NY.

She has also performed at the Otakon Festival 2010 at Baltimore, the Santa Fe JIN Festival 2012, and the Japan Festival in Vietnam 2015. She will perform at the Culture Toronto in 2019.

She moved to NY in January 2018, started her performing and recording activity in the U.S. She has held 3 times Solo Concert in Manhattan, and just released her first EP in the U.S. titled “Angel in the Garden” on September 2018.

Single / EP

as Shihori

“Chiisana Koe Tachi e” EP 2001
“Kimi ni Hibikeba” EP 2002
“Life Like a Wild Flower” 2006
“Aisuru Hito-Lover-From a Piano Woman” 2007
“Kacho Fugetsu” 2009
“Shackles of Night” (Otakon 2010 Theme song) 2010
“Wedding March-Long Forever-” 2011
“Oji-chan no Uta-Song of Grampa-” 2013
“Mugen Hotei shiki-Formula Infinity-” 2016
“Little Departure” EP 2017
“Angel in the Garden” EP 2018

as Sena

“TSUBASA” (1st Major debut single) 2007
※TV Anime “Gigantic Formula” ED
“Eternal Fantasy” 2008
※Video Game “Eternal Fantasy” OP/ED
“Never End Wonderland” 2010
※Video Game “Ragnarok Online” Theme song
※Oricon Hit chart daily ranking 5th, weekly ranking 12th

As a Song writer

Anime / Game / TV shows

TV Anime

Gigantic Formula ( Inter song / Music ) 2007
KITE LIBERATOR ( Inter song / Music ) 2008
New Mazinger Z ( ED/ Music) 2009
Shin Koihime Muso- (OP / Music ) 2009
Buscash! ( Character song / Music ) 2009
Samurai Girls ( Character song / Music ) 2010
Sacred Seven ( Character song / Music ) 2011
Beelzebub ( ED / Lyrics, music ) 2012
FAIRY TAIL (ED/ Music) 2012
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 2nd
The Irregular at Magic High School (ED/ Music) 2013
Ace of Diamond (ED / Lyrics) 2013
Valverave ( ED / Music ) 2013
Tenkai Night (ED/ Music) 2014
My Little Pony (OP / Lyrics ) 2015
The Duel Masters ( ED / Music ) 2015
Symphogia (Inter song/ Lyrics) 2015
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 2nd
  ※GOLD DISC certification
Legend of the Galactic Heroes -Die Neue These-(ED/ Music) 2018
Monster Strick (ED/ Lyrics) 2018

Video Game

Eternal Fantasy (Character song / Lyrics Music ) 2008
Valkyrie Complex (Inter song/ Lyrics / Music) 2009
Trample of Schatten! ( OP / Lyrics / Inter song / Music / Lyrics) 2009
Kagura Fantasy ( OP / Music / Lyrics ) 2010
fortissimo ( ED / Music / Lyrics ) 2010
A Master of animals and a prince ( Music / Lyrics ) 2011
​Wand of Forture 2 ( OP / Music / Lyrics) 2011
Kurenai Kagura ( OP / Music / Lyrics ) 2012
Shining Blade (PSP/ Inter songs/ Lyrics) 2012, 2014
Mado-Kokaku ( OP / Music ) 2013
Emile Chronicle Online ( Theme song / Music ) 2014
Princess Connect RE:DIVE (OP / Lyrics ) 2016
THE TOWER OF PRINCESS (Theme song / Lyrics) 2016
Magician and a Black Cat Wiz ( Theme song / Lyrics) 2018
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 3rd

TV Show

Card High School (ED / Music / Lyrics / Chorus ) 2009
Baku!Baku!Bakusho-Mondai ( ED / Music / Lyrics / Chorus ) 2010
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 3rd
  ※GOLD DISC certification
Mathematics Girls’ High School ( ED / Music ) 2012
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 2nd
  ※GOLD DISC certification
Ultraman (ED/ Lyrics) 2018


Macross Frontier The Movie ( Inter song / Lyrics) 2010
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 2nd
  ※GOLD DISC certification
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie Second (Inter song/ Music) 2010
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 1st
  ※GOLD DISC certification
The Curtain Rises ( Theme song / Music ) 2015
  ※Ranked into Oricon weekly chart 4th
  ※GOLD DISC certification

Anime/Game Songs

Anime song (singer, lyrics, music)

“Gigantic Formula” ED Theme song (2007)
“TSUBASA” singer, music, lyrics
“Garei Zero” Image song (2008)
“Blooming IROHA” Image song (2011)
“Synphogia” Inter song, Chorus (2012,2013,2015)
Game song (singer, lyrics, music)

“Beatmania IIDX 8th style” (2002)
“Half Way of Promise” singer
“Beatmania IIDX 19th lincle (2012)
“Express Emotion” singer, lyrics
“Hoshi Furu” ED song (2007)
“ETERNAL FANTASY” OP, ED Theme song (2008)
“D.C.Ⅱ P.S.” Inter song (2008)
“3 ways to flying the sky” Inter song (2008)
“Valkilly Complex” ED theme song (2009)
“Pieces of Red” OP theme song (2009)
“Synthemia of Sunset” Inter song (2010)
“White Night Chronicle-Dogma Wars-“(PS4) theme song, BGM chorus (2011)
“Pieces of Red” OP theme song (2011)
“A sister in love with sister〜2 elders〜” OP theme song(2011)
“New Genesis AERIAL” OP theme song(2012)
“Precious Star’s Festival” ED theme song(2012)
“Princess Syndrome” ED them song(2013)
”My Lonely War” ED theme song(2015)
“Cosmos Rings”(Apple Watch) Theme song (2016)

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