Shinichiro Ishikawa

Shinichiro Ishikawa

Shinichiro Ishikawa

Shinichiro Ishikawa

Years Attended: 2023

Shinichiro Ishikawa is a pioneer in the anime industry. He founded Digimation in 1996 and GDH in 2000 which were merged to become GONZO Anime Studios where he has been serving as CEO since 2000. As the president and CEO of GONZO, Ishikawa produced multiple TV series including Hellsing, Gantz, and Emmy Award-winning Afro Samurai starring Samuel L. Jackson. He’s produced for movies including King of Thorn, Afro Samurai Resurrection, etc. GONZO has provided animation for Linkin Park’s Breaking The Habit music video. Surprisingly enough, GONZO has provided animation services to studios such as SkyBound Entertainment’s Invincible season 1, and multiple Studio Ghibli features including Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, and The Secret World of Arietty.

Previous to Gonzo, Ishikawa finished MSC in physics at the University of Tokyo in 1991 and joined The Boston Consulting Group, where he served as a project manager of high-tech, media, and contents related projects. He acquired MBA at INSEAD in 1995, where he earned the Lister Vickery award for his entrepreneurship and graduated with Dean’s List. After the graduation of INSEAD, Ishikawa founded Digimation in 1996, an animation studio focused on digitization of the animation production process, then merged with Gonzo to form GDH in 2000.

A list of GONZO’s work can be seen here.


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There will be no charge for autographs or photos. Limited one autograph/photo per attendee per session.

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Friday, Saturday

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