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Southern Cospitality Cosplay


Formally established in 2013, Southern Cospitality Cosplay is a cosplay team (represented at this convention by d-maru and derGlitzkrieg). They are award winning (both craftsmanship and performance) cosplayers with almost 20 years of experience in the hobby. They come from different places but have united in our love for this art form and what it means to all of us.

“Specializing in whatever we feel like” is something of a motto for them, where they strive for excellence in various different fields of cosplay, but also wish to show all that the hobby is capable of. For them, cosplay is transformative and expressive in ways we want to show everyone. To inspire the imagination and creative energy of others is their greatest goal.

They have competed in contests, judged contests, ran contests, hosted panels, and curated Cosplay Museums at both A-kon and San Japan here in the Texas area. For Southern Cospitality Cosplay, there’s no avenue not worth exploring in their collective cosplay adventure.

Photo credits to; ZendosaCosplay and Kirby Meadors Photography

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