Zavage Cosplay

Zavage Cosplay

Zavage Cosplay

Zavage Cosplay

Years Attended: 2022

Zavage Cosplay, also going by Zach (he/him), is a cosplayer based out of Chicago, IL, and originally from Houston, TX. Zach has been cosplaying since 2013 and throughout this time has acquired a variety of fabricating skills such as pattern creation, sewing, embroidery, foam/thermoplastic work, wig styling, and prop making. As a craftsmanship-focused cosplayer, Zach has developed a variety of new methods to solve his ever-present cosplay hurdles, and his intricate creations have won him awards from multiple conventions over his years of cosplaying. Most importantly, Zach has fostered many lifelong friendships within the cosplay community, learning from others along his journey and teaching where he can.

Zavage Cosplay first discovered his passion for cosplay when he was 16 years old after attending his very first anime convention in Galveston, TX. Not knowing how to sew a stitch, fabricate armor, or even conceptualize wearing a wig, the rush of adrenaline and joy that Zach felt that first convention weekend jump-started his journey as a cosplayer and a costume maker. Today, Zach has attended numerous U.S. conventions from coast to coast, expanded his repertoire of crafting skills, and has competed in and won awards from multiple cosplay contests. Zach continues to push himself to develop creatively and engage within the community which has truly shaped his life. Zach firmly supports that cosplay is for everyone, and does his best to represent the LGBTQIA+ community within cosplay and competitive costuming. San Japan 2015 was Zach’s first San Japan convention attendance, and he is ecstatic to return to San Antonio this year as a cosplay guest and judge.

You can find Zavage Cosplay at @Zavage_Cosplay on Instagram and @ZavageCosplay on Twitter, as well on Facebook at facebook.com/zavagecosplay.

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