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  1. Im so tired i took today off! Did u manage to get an autograph? lol At the last minute on friday i bought a new wig and was gaara saturday
  2. DVDs are a good idea. I'm probably going to stick with my idea since of my lack of any merchandise. So what's up?
  3. Lol majes sense. i still have one piece dvds to get signed. But yea if nothing else! lol
  4. That's cool. Usually I just get the guide they give us and get it signed ( so much for creativity right? )
  5. Yea a few friends!! Cant find stuff to get autographed though
  6. I'm only going the first two days. But I honestly can't wait for the con already. So are you attending the con with anyone?
  7. All three! lol We usually get lazy and dont go on sunday because theyre always out of town, but this one isnt so depending on whats there. XD
  8. Yeah it's a super long comic and some fans are insane but it's pretty good. But it's hard getting cosplay done. So what days are you going to the con?
  9. i havnt read homestruck but my friend is doing something from that. Yea im only doing one too, its hard enough getting one cosplay ready XD
  10. Hello Pete! My name is Chloe and it's nice to meet you. So far I'm really pumped for the con but really nervous too. This year I'll only be doing one cosplay due to money issues but I'll be going as roxy lalonde from homestuck.
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