Fandom Meeting

Entries will open in April 2021 and stay open until July 31st.

Group / FandomRequested Day Of The Convention For The Meeting
2000s anime meetupSaturday
Ace AttorneySunday
Attack on TitanSunday
Ball Jointed DollsSaturday
Banana FishSaturday
Bang Dream/Argonavis/D4DJFriday
Bungo Stray DogsSaturday
Chainsaw ManFriday
D4DJ/Bang DreamSunday
Demon SlayerFriday
doki doki literature clubSunday
Ensemble StarsSunday
Fate seriesSaturday
Final FantasySaturday
Fire EmblemFriday
Fruits BasketSunday
Furry CommunitySaturday
Hypnosis Microphone: Division Rap BattleSaturday
Idolm@ster (All Branches)Sunday
Jojos Bizarre AdventureFriday
Jujutsu KaisenSaturday
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2Saturday
My Hero AcademiaFriday
My Hero AcademiaSaturday
One PieceSaturday
Persona/Shin Megami TenseiFriday
Sailor MoonSaturday
Sanrio Danshi/Sanrio.Friday
Sk8 the InfinityFriday
Splatoon/Splatoon MangaSaturday
The Adventure Zone PodcastSaturday
The Walten FilesFriday
Uta no Prince SamaFriday
Uta no Prince SamaSaturday
Uta no Prince SamaSunday
World's End ClubSunday

Fandom Meeting Form

This form is to allow fandoms or groups from a particular series to get together for an allocated time to meet up to socialize and discuss their favorite series. There will be a limited number of chairs, tables, and a small stage. San Japan does not supply any A/V in the fan meeting room. This means there aren’t microphones, speakers, projectors or screens. We will not be providing dedicated special photography lighting, backdrop or have a dedicated photographer. This takes place in San Japan designated spaces. We do not designate or appoint anyone as a leader of a meeting. The person who submits the meeting is not required to run it.

Anime groups/series meetups will take the highest precedence and be given the most popular times. Fan Meeting submissions do not count toward a discount badge/pass.

The fan meetings are listed in the printed official schedule taking place in an official San Japan panel room, unlike Unofficial Photoshoots which are not listed in the printed official schedule and are not authorized to be in a panel room. Unofficial Photoshoots are handled by San Japan attendees only, not by San Japan Staff.

We are only holding fan meetings based on submissions that we receive from attendees. If your fandom is not listed or in the schedule then it is due to not receiving a fan meeting submission. We encourage attendees to fill out this form if they’d like their fandom to meet up at San Japan.

Fandom Meeting FAQ

When will I know what time/day that the requested Fan Meeting is taking place? We will list the days and times in the final schedule released in late August. We do not list them in the beta schedule.
What's the difference between a Fan Meeting and an Unofficial Photoshoot / Meetup?

Fan Meetings takes place in a sanctioned San Japan room. Unofficial Photoshoots take place around the convention area.

What room(s) will Fan Meetings be taking place.

This will be listed in the final schedule, our digital guide and printed schedules. We can not list them at this time.

What is a Fan Meeting?

A Fan Meeting is a designated room which fans of a series or genre can meet up in a room that San Japan utilizes. It is comparable to a meetup but to reduce confusion we call them fan meetings.

What am I allowed to do and not do at this Fan Meeting?

You are allowed to take photos on the stage, hold little games, and you can even do a fan-run character Q&A. Activities need to be family friendly as we do not allow risque behavior.

Is this where I can run a Character Q&A since they're not allowed as an official panel?


I signed up for a Fan Meeting. Am I required to run it?



You are not required to run a Fan Meeting that you signup. 

No one is designated a leader of a fan meeting. It is a slot for a fan meeting placed on a schedule.

I requested a certain day and time for a fan meeting. Does that mean I will definitely be scheduled that requested time/day? Should I post around that it'll be taking place at that time?



Your requested time/day is not confirmed until it is posted in the final schedule in late August. The posted day/time is final as we will not reschedule it if conflicts with another event that you wanted to go to. We do try to ensure that it does not conflict with a similar event but we can not guarantee that it'll conflict with a popular event at the convention. We will try our best to schedule on the selected day but the time is not guaranteed at all.

How much time am I given at a Fan Meeting?Depending on the popularity of the series up to 90 minutes can be allocated. For most submissions under an expected attendance of 75 attendees only 60 minutes will be given. We can not guarantee the requested time slot and day will be given. If you request for Saturday then expect the fan meetings to be in the morning or evening as it is the most requested day every year.
Are food and drinks allowed at Fan Meetings? Yes, but please clean up after yourself when you've finished your fan meeting. If we find out that the fan meeting room was trashed after a certain group used it then they will no longer be approved for future conventions.

Fandom Meetings Submission Form

Submissions close on July 31st

Submissions needed to be in by July 31st. If you're seeing this message then you waited too long. We will have the listed times in the FINAL Schedule to be released on August 15th. We will not take any additional submissions by e-mail. In the future, be sure to not wait until the last possible minute. We will have the 2022 Fan Meetings form up in early spring 2022. The final day/time will be posted in the final schedule.