Dear Prospective Sponsor,


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring San Japan. San Japan is a fandom organization, which premiered in San Antonio. San Japan is a Japanese culture and Animation (anime) convention with its growing fan-based culture in North America. We are a volunteer-run group from our humble beginnings proving that a convention like this is not only needed in San Antonio but is also fiscally viable and in the best interest of the large fan community.


San Japan premiered its first 3-day day convention in August 2008. With over a decade of both commercial and word-of-mouth advertising, we reached an exceptional response of over 21,000 unique attendees. Our age demographic is over 70% 13-23 years old for most of our attendees with over half of our attendees being female. We exceeded our expected goal to host the best Japanese anime and fan convention possible for our members held within the San Antonio area. We have become one of the largest fandom conventions in San Antonio. We would like you to consider being a sponsor in helping towards a successful convention in September.


The next convention will feature events such as a live concert from an array of musical acts, dances, voice actors, cultural panels, artist and vendor rooms, a costumed masquerade, multiple 24-hour video rooms, and a Charity Art auction. It will also feature interactive programs such as a variety of tabletop gaming, an Exhibit Hall, discussion panels, workshops, and much more over a 3-day period. Our next convention is located at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel.


With your help, San Japan can continue to be a successful convention. Your investment in this convention will open a door leading to a wealth of potential: the young affluent family that is our target market.



Tanya Arguijo
San Japan – Board of Directors

Questions regarding sponsorship options? Get in contact with us!

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