Artist Alley Information
All updated info will be on the Artist Alley Registration Page

Where art and anime meet!

Artist Alley is a place where talented individuals showcase their art and more. You can find unique handmade art, shirt, keychains, pins, etc. Really, there is something for anyone! Artist Alley is a place made up of fans who create for fans. It’s a room full of people who all share a similar love for anime and it’s culture. Supporting our beloved and creative artists are one of the ways that you can help keep the San Japan growing strong. So, take some time and browse around all of the tables. You never know when you will find your new favorite artist.

In order to make sure that not only our guests but also the artists have a good time, it’s important to remember a couple of things.

  • Always be polite – this is always the golden rule
  • No haggling – we value our artists and you should too!
  • Ask before taking photos – as creators they have a say where their creations go
  • Be courteous of their time – sometimes it’s good to stop and chat but if they’re busy, let them be!

It may not seem like it but the artists in artist alley are working. So treat the space as you would any store. We welcome all of our guests to have a good time but we just want to remind everyone to be courteous.