2023 Guests



We will begin announcing them when we are ready. There is no timeline for when this will begin. All announced guests will be on this page.

Current Autograph Policy

Unless noted in the bio, all guests will be allowed to charge for autographs, recordings, and selfie photos. All guests will be signing in the dealer room during dealer hours for general attendees. There will be a designated space specifically for guests. We will try to have their prices listed on the website if the guest gives us that information beforehand.

  • All guests are expected to take cash and credit cards upon charging attendees.
  • All guest photos will be selfies only at the guest table. We will not have an area for professional photos.
  • All music guests, at their own discretion, will be allowed to require a purchase of a merch item in order to obtain an autograph and/or photo.
  • Gold Pass & Premiere Pass holders will be given a designated time, tentatively on Sunday (TBA), to obtain autographs from participating guests.