Hotel Block Opens March 15th, 2024

San Japan 14 (2023) will be located at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center,  the San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel in downtown San Antonio, Texas. It will be happening from September 1st – to September 3rd, 2023 during Labor Day Weekend. The entire convention will be located in multiple locations: San Japan will take place in Hall 1 – 4A within the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention along with connecting panel rooms on 2 floors. There will be activities on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors of the Grand Hyatt. We will have over 600,000 square feet of combined function space to utilize.

The Convention Center is directly next door to the Grand Hyatt. The hotel is nearby the Rivercenter Mall. Inside the Rivercenter Mall is a food court with a variety of low-cost eateries (less than a 5-minute walk from the convention). Everything is at the heart of the famous River Walk with the famous Alamo a short walk from the hotel.

Note: San Japan only links to a contracted room block at a discount rate. All information provided by the hotel is listed on this page. We do not handle hotel customer service questions. You must contact the hotel property if you have further questions or reservation issues. This includes Passkey as that is not handled by San Japan.

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

San Japan has negotiated for you a fantastic convention hotel room rate starting at $169/night (the normal daily rate is $199-$249/night) at the Grand Hyatt. You will be able to reserve a room between Thursday, August 31st  through Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 at the convention rate if you want to arrive early or stay a couple of days afterward. There is free Wi-Fi within the San Antonio Grand Hyatt in all hotel rooms.

Double bed reservations will be the first ones snapped up and are usually all reserved first. Be sure to read the FAQ below which answers the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received over the years.

Marriott Riverwalk Hotel

This year we have reserved a room block with the Marriott hotel closest to the convention center. The Marriott Riverwalk located at 889 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX, 78205, USA. This hotel is located directly across the street from the Grand Hyatt and HBG Convention Center.

The rate for rooms is starting at $191/night for a standard Double room (normal rate $249-$310/night). We have a limited number of rooms allocated to us at the Marriott. The cut-off date is August 1st, 2023. There are no King beds available at the SAN JAPAN discount rate.

If you are trying to get the $191 & up rate you need to call the reservation agent to ask for the SAN JAPAN 2023 RATE.

We do not run PASSKEY if you are having issues with your reservation. You must directly contact Marriott. If the Marriott National Customer Service tells you that you must contact San Japan about Passkey issues, this is INCORRECT information. You must immediately call them back to speak to another customer service agent.

We are no longer contracting a room block with the Marriott Rivercenter hotel. Our room block is located with the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel only.

La Quinta Riverwalk

This year we have reserved a room block with the La Quinta Riverwalk. La Quinta is located at 303 Blum St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA. This hotel is located 2 blocks from the Grand Hyatt and HBG Convention Center.

The rate for rooms is starting at $159/night for a standard Double room (normal rate $239/night). We have a limited number of rooms allocated to us at the La Quinta. The cut-off date is August 1st, 2023.

If you are trying to get the $159 & up rate you need to click on the link or call the reservation agent to ask for SAN JAPAN 2023, GROUP CODE “CG9964”.

There is no discount on parking. This does come with a free breakfast.

Hotel FAQ

Question Answer
I have an issue with my hotel reservation.San Japan does not handle any customer service issues pertaining to hotel reservations. You must call the hotel property to handle it. The only thing that San Japan has in connection with a hotel is a contract with them which gives direct access for attendees to a room block that gives attendees a discount rate. This contract allows us to access space to hold the event. We list on the page with information to contact them. We do not run reservations, we do not run hotel customer service, nor we do not own the hotels.

If you are having an issue making a reservation then please contact the hotels, not San Japan. If the national customer service at the hotel says we handle it that is absolutely incorrect as we will redirect you back to the hotel to speak to another representative. Passkey is a 3rd party system handled by the hotels, not San Japan. We do not control hotel reservations at all.
Will my credit/debit card be charged when I reserve a room?Grand Hyatt & Marriott: Your credit card will not be charged when you reserve your hotel room. It does not matter if you currently do not have enough money in your account to cover the charges of the room. It will only be charged when you arrive at the convention hotel OR if you don't show up for your reservation (so be sure to cancel if necessary). You may see a pending charge on your credit card but this is done by the hotel to ensure that it is a valid credit card. This is standard national policy with all hotel reservations. You must cancel 72 hours prior to your arrival otherwise your credit card will be charged for at least one room night.
What should I do to get the lowest hotel rate?We list above the rates depending on how many are staying in your hotel room and the hotel selected.

Note: If there is any issue with the hotel room, like a key card being needing to be reactivated, the person/people that listed on the room will be the only person which can make necessary changes at front desk or ask for a new room key.
What is the minimum age to rent a hotel room?You will need to be at least 18 years old with a major credit card. Contact the hotel if you have questions about policies and setting up your reservation.
I need to reserve more than one room, what do I do?Grand Hyatt & Marriott: You setup a second reservation on-line or call the hotel directly (phone number is above), ask for Reservations and they will set it up for you.
Does the hotel have high-speed internet?Hyatt: Wi-Fi will be free in all hotels room. Wi-Fi is not free in the convention spaces of the Grand Hyatt. There is limited free internet in the Grand Hyatt lobby.

Marriott: It is $15.95/night+tax in the hotel room. There is free internet in the lobby. If you sign up for their free membership rewards program then the internet access will be free in the hotel room
Do people who are not under the San Japan room block in Grand Hyatt have to wear wristbands?The Grand Hyatt will be forcing all patrons who are staying in the hotel during San Japan to wear wristbands in order to access the elevators.
Are there any activities around the immediate area?The hotel is right at the heart of the Riverwalk which you can take a tour. There is a River Taxi service a short distance from the hotel located on the Riverwalk by the mall which costs $10 each way or $12 for a full day pass. The Alamo, HemisFair Parkwith the Tower of Americas, and Ripley's Believe Or Not are all located within a mile radius of the hotel.
Am I required to reserve and/or stay at the Hotel in order to attend San Japan?No, you are not required to reserve or stay at the Hotel. However, it is quite beneficial for San Japan if you decide to reserve a room as we are required to fill a certain amount of hotel rooms in order to have access to the hotel meeting space. To ensure that San Japan is able to hold future conventions at the hotel & convention center, we highly recommend in considering to reserve a room at the hotel. You're also much closer to the action instead of walking 3-6 blocks in the hot Texas heat to another nearby hotel.
After 9pm, the mall will be closed. What food options will be available? Where can we get food?There is a 24 hour cafe and coffee shop within the Grand Hyatt There is Denny's less than 2 blocks from the hotel and a Whataburger that is 4 blocks away. Here is a list of places in the area that are open late night and 24 hours that are less than .5 miles from the convention.
How much is parking around the area?

Hyatt: Self-Parking is $23 day+tax+fees if you are staying at the Grand Hyatt and the room is under your name. The discount will only apply to one car with additional cars being the normal $45/day rate+tax+fees. Valet Parking will not be discounted. The discount will be applied when you check-in but be sure to let them know at Front Desk.

Marriott: There is a 50% discount on parking if you self-park your car in the Marriott Rivercenter only (normal rate $43/day). The discount will only apply to one car with additional cars being the normal rate. There is no discount on valet at Riverwalk or Rivercenter hotel. Parking will be $11-$20 for open-area parking in the immediate area and $11-$30/day for garage parking (24-hour parking). For more information on parking in the area, click here. The closest lot next to the Marriott Riverwalk hotel, Marina Parking, is $11 per day which does allow overnight parking but is usually full by Thursday night of the convention and for the duration of the convention.

There is $3-$10 parking in the general area but it will require parking at least 4 blocks from the convention area.

How much is the total cost per room night with tax?San Antonio adds 17.92% + 1.25% in city/state/tourism taxes and fees to the final hotel bill. We do not have any control over these fees. The final bill will depend on the hotel selected and how many people are selected for the reservation.
What about elevators and escalators?All activities for San Japan on the Grand Hyatt side will be on the 2nd, 3rd floor & 4th floor. Elevators in the Grand Hyatt will not be accessible to the 2nd-4th floor except for disabled attendees. There will be escalators to the 2nd-4th floor inside the Grand Hyatt hotel. There are 4 elevators total in the Marriott Riverwalk hotel accessible to hotel rooms.
What is this charge to my credit/debit card when I check-in?!Grand Hyatt and Marriott have national policies in which they put a hold on your card for additional services and potential damages to the room. The rate is $50/day for Hyatt, $40/day for Marriott. Even if you are paying by cash you must put a credit/debit card on file as a hold will be put on your card account. These policies for a required hold are set by the national corporate offices. They are not a policy set by our host hotels. If you are using a debit card we recommend that you have at least $150-$350 extra for the impending hold on your card so that you are not hit with non-sufficient funds fees by your bank. After you've checked out the funds will be released back to your account in 4-7 days.