San Japan 13

Welcome To San Japan The 13th

September 2nd – September 4th
Labor Day Weekend 2022

San Japan is the Largest Anime & Gaming Convention in the South Texas Region.  We take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and San Antonio Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio on Labor Day Weekend. San Japan is a fan-run organization providing an annual anime-focused convention.

You can show some initiative and get your badge taken care of now so you’re not fumbling with money later. Guarantee you have your badge before the convention arrives and spend less time in lines and more time enjoying the convention.

Remember that you are also helping us supply high-quality entertainment and education while fostering a safe and fun environment for all our attendees. Be a part of our cause – striving to cultivate an acceptance and appreciation of anime and related fandoms.


Current Registration Tier Pricing

3-Day Online Pass (Limited To 14000)
Child 6-12
Child 0-5 (Available At Convention Only)

This is the pre-registration / online rate for a three-day pass. Onsite 3-Day Pass is $87.75+Tax. One-Day passes go on sale after August 1st, 2022. One Day Prices and Quantity Amount will be announced on August 1st. Children 0-5 passes are free after visual verification in person.


By popular demand, San Japan is bringing back the Guidebook mobile app. If you have a smartphone then you’ll want to get this mobile app! It’s everything you need.


Join the Fun!

We had over 20,000 attendees for our 2019 event with non-stop programming for 3 days straight. This is some of the expected things you may be seeing at San Japan The 13th.


San Japan The 13th will be located at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center,  the San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, USA.


Here are some of the general rules for San Japan including events, badge rules, dress code, lining up for events, dance and other policies. Please read over these carefully.

Convention Guests

San Japan is excited to bring out guests of all kind from the US, Japan and all over the world. Stay up to date on we are bringing out. Find out more about who will be attending the con this year, the performances we will be hosting and cosplay judges. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and announcements.

Community and Events