Here are some of the general rules for San Japan including events, badge rules, dress code, lining up for events, dance and other policies. Please read over these carefully.


Violation or ignorance of the following rules can result in revoked badges or expulsion from the convention.

  1. A valid badge must be purchased and worn openly at all times. Persons who do not have a badge displayed on the convention floor will be asked to leave. Any person without a valid badge will not be permitted entry into events or vendor spaces.By purchasing this badge, you have agreed to obey our Code of Conduct and understand that any pictures and/or video taken at San Japan may be reproduced by San Japan for promotional purposes. All created media about San Japan is owned by the respective person/company. Badges are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. Badges are only valid if purchased from or at San Japan Authorized Registration. All policies and rules are subject to change without notice.
  2. Only ADA working animals with proper verification are allowed in the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center. The Grand Hyatt is no longer a pet-friendly hotel. The Marriott Riverwalk is not a pet-friendly hotel.
  3. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in convention spaces at any time. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to return to their rooms. Refusal to return to your room may result in action by the San Antonio Police Department.
  4. Shoes must be worn at all times in convention spaces. “Barefoot” cosplays must wear shoes or non open-toe lyricals, however, they may be removed for photographs.
  5. No sleeping is permitted in any convention spaces including lobbies, hallways, vendor spaces, and gaming.
  6. While waiting for an event, form a single-file orderly line under the direction of convention volunteers. Cosplayers taking pictures are encouraged to move to the side of the hallway or find an open space where they will not impede the flow of traffic. Sitting against hallway walls is not permitted at any time.
  7. Follow all convention staff, convention volunteers, hotel staff, and convention center staff instructions. Treat staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy. If a problem arises with a convention volunteer, seek out Safety and report the issue immediately.
  8. Do not move or tamper with hotel property or equipment including lobby chairs, couches, curtains, doors, windows, etc. Do not move or tamper with convention property including tables, microphones, video equipment, etc. If you require assistance with convention or hotel property, ask a convention staff member.
  9. Do not affix signs, posters, banners, or anything else to walls, doors, windows, or floors in the convention space.
  10. Mistreatment of other guests is prohibited. Complaints of harassment, stalking, bullying, and mobbing will be investigated and may result in expulsion from the convention. San Japan has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and discrimination.
  11. Locals, tourists, and others not involved in the convention will naturally be curious about the convention and its attendees. Treat these individuals with courtesy and respect. Our convention has an excellent reputation in the city of San Antonio because of our excellent attendees.
  1. San Japan is a family-friendly convention. Excessively revealing clothing or costumes are not permitted. Private areas must be covered with an opaque cloth at all times. Guests in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change
  2. Convention spaces have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Because of this, shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and may only be removed for photographs.
  3. No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.
  4. Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay with the intention of being of heavy shock value will be asked to change out or risk expulsion from the convention.
  5. Attendees may not wear a uniform that can be mistaken for official medical, police, SWAT, FBI or other law enforcement agencies.
  1. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the dance at any time.
  2. Handbags are subject to search, and bags larger than a handbag are not permitted inside dance spaces. San Japan will not ‘watch’ or store your bags. All bags left at the entrance may be confiscated and potentially discarded. There are no storage lockers at the Main Stage location. Please make prior arrangements before attending. The Grand Hyatt and Marriott Riverwalk will not hold your bag.
  3. Staff will not watch over bags, jackets, or other loose items you do not wish to bring to the dance floor. San Japan assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  4. Open bottles and open cups are not permitted into Main Stage. Only sealed bottles will be allowed.
  5. Staff may initiate a voluntary search for alcohol or drugs at any time. Discovery of alcohol or drugs will be handed over to authorities who will be on-site. Attempts to sneak them into the dance will have your convention badge revoked and removal from the convention without refund.
  6. Stringing is allowed only in designated areas. Do not string close to other stringers. Unsafe situations may result in loss of the stringing area and stringing privileges.
  7. No bulky cosplay or large props are allowed in the dance space.
  8. Shoes must be worn at all times in the dance space.
  9. There is a zero-harassment policy enforced (do not grind on people who do not consent to it). There will not be a warning given. There will be an immediate expulsion from the dance with the convention badge revoked. Any further escalation and seen on premises will be arrested by on-site police.
  10. Attendees are not allowed on stage and must be behind the barriers unless escorted by convention staff to restricted stage areas.
  11. Attendees are not allowed to jump off the stage.
  1. Keep lines single-file, and stay close to walls/barricades.
  2. Do not block doorways with the line.
  3. No cutting under any circumstances. Friends may not save your spot in line for you.
  4. Occasionally, the staff needs to speak loudly enough that the entire line hears the instructions. Event volunteers are not yelling at you.
  5. For events with seats, completely fill in all seats and do not leave any empty seats. You may not be able to sit next to all members of your party.
  6. Event-specific rules will be announced at the start of the event. Please listen carefully to all event rules.
  7. Staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave if they are being disruptive or not following the rules. Attendees that do not listen to staff instructions may be expelled from the convention without refund.
  1. Everyone entering an 18+ panel must have a government-issued ID with their photo on it. This includes Drivers License, Miltary ID, Passport or Texas State ID. An expired ID is okay as long as it as your current birthday and your photo is on it.
  2. We do not accept: Social Security Cards, School IDs or temporary Drivers License papers. No exceptions.
  3. Everyone who enters must be at least 18 years old. No children allowed in at all even if under 1 year old.
  4. We do not allow Guardians or Parents to bring in their child at all for any reason whatsoever. No Exceptions.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old at the start of the day in order to enter a panel.
  6. If you can’t or will not show ID then you’re not allowed in to the event at all even if you look 60.

We do not have a clear bag rule. Strollers and wagons are allowed. We do not enforce outside food brought to the venue. Water bottles are allowed.


Prop Check

  • All Cosplay props must be taken to Prop Check regardless of size
  • Failure to check any Cosplay prop will risk expulsion from the convention without refund
  • Attendees caught removing Prop Check identification markers will have their convention badge revoked without refund
  • All attendees are required to comply with requests by San Antonio Police to verify that Prop Check has been performed and the prop in question is permitted

Dress Code Visual

Sword / Metal Policy

We are well aware of the new Texas law pertaining open carry swords and knives. We are allowed by Texas State Law and HBG venue rules to ban open carry of any kind of firearm, knife or sword within the convention space. There will be signage posted at the convention.

Anyone caught within San Japan convention space walking around with a metal sword or knife will be ejected from the convention. Please read our cosplay rules below for more information.

Weapon & Costume Rules

  1. No live steel (peace-tied, tethered, or sheathed-edged weapons are not permitted
  2. No metal blades of any type. There are NO exceptions given even if it's dull or covered
  3. Lightsabers cannot have metal above the hilt
  4. No sharp edges on non-metal weapons
  5. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  1. San Antonio police will reserve the right for prop removal from public spaces if a gun prop is deemed to be too realistic. Weight contributes to realism
  2. All firearms must have a closed barrel with a visible orange tip. Orange tape nor paint are not acceptable. (removable barrel plugs are permitted, but may only be removed for photos)
  3. The trigger can move on the conditions that the slide cannot move and/or replicate realistic gunfire
  4. All airsoft and paintball weapons must be triggered disabled and demonstrated to be unable to fire
  5. Attached scopes or laser attachments must be disabled and demonstrate to be unable to power on
  6. Removable gun clips and moveable gun chambers must be empty or stuffed
  7. Water gun barrels and attachment containers must be visibly empty
  8. Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including water, bubbles, or silly string)
  9. SAPD judgment stands firm. Associates of SJ cannot overrule governed decision
  10. As has been our policy since the first San Japan, we are working to create
  1. Arrows and other projectiles must have all metal tips removed. Cover or sheathing will not be permitted. Plastic tip attachments will be permitted
  2. Projectiles must not be fully strung and demonstrate to be unable to fire projectiles
  3. Firing any type of projectile is not permitted (including foam)
  1. Cannot be composed of solid metal (metal detailing is permitted)
  2. Only 'Foam or hollow-lightweight plastic bats are permitted. No exceptions
  3. Metal nails or spikes of any type must not be protruding from all blunt weapons
  4. Brass Instruments are not permitted
  5. No real instruments bigger than a violin will be permitted
  6. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  7. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis
  1. There are no height or size limit at this time
  2. May not be made of steel or metal PVC and plastic piping is allowed
  3. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  4. As a courtesy, please review flag etiquette when carrying a national flag (such as the US flag)
  5. Selfie sticks cannot extend longer than 12 inches (1 foot)
  1. Cannot be composed of solid metal (do not bring a real pipe wrench as a prop)
  2. May not be swung except in designated photo areas for action shots
  3. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis
  4. No power-operated tools
  1. Oversized props are allowed with no height or size limit
  2. Props may not be made of solid metal
  3. Display for photos must be in designated photo areas
  4. Props must be upright when walking in public spaces
  5. Props heavy enough to cause injury may be declined on a case-by-case basis
  1. Use a handler if your vision is significantly impaired (a handler is another attendee who will escort you around the convention)
  2. Wings must be collapsible or removable to prevent impeding crowds in tight spaces
  3. Cosplayers may be asked to remove stilts if staff believes there is a significant tripping hazard
  4. Cosplayers may be asked to remove bulky items in tight spaces or crowds
  5. Costumes must not have the ability to shoot projectiles of any type
  1. Cannot be edged or sharp
  2. Cannot be highly reflective (mirrors such as Link’s Mirror Shield must be soaped to reduce reflectiveness and prevent possible vision impairment in crowds from sun)
  3. Metal spikes may not protrude more than 2″ (two inches) from the costume
  4. Wearable metal suits are permitted but must not have metal edges or protruding long spikes
  5. No metal cookware
  1. Powders, sand, external fog machine or flashsbangs for visual effects within public spaces are not allowed
  2. External speakers, especially if continually playing loud music, which are considered a public nuisance will be removed from all public spaces
  3. All props must not have the ability to use sound effects that can be mistaken for realistic weapons
  4. Cigarette props must be unlit or unable to emit vapors
  5. Real food for food props can not be used
  6. Food packaging props must not contain real food
  7. Prop bottles may only contain water or dyed water as it will be checked to ensure it does not contain illicit substances
  8. No glass
  9. Scooters, skateboards, bikes, inline skates, ice skates, roller skates, and hoverboards from attendees are prohibited within all convention and public spaces.
  10. Any signage from attendees must be connected with the character being cosplay. Signs of any type unrelated to the costume/cosplay or soliciting anything, even if says “FREE HUGS”, is banned by the city of San Antonio and the Riverwalk Authority (City Code: Sec. 35-681).
  1. Shoes, slippers, sandals or lyricals must be worn at all times in public spaces
  2. Shoe removal is allowed for photos only
  1. San Japan does not provide storage or handling of Cosplay props
  2. There are no free public lockers within all convention space including the hotels
  3. Props left behind or unattended may potentially be confiscated and discarded