Convention / Fandom / Non-Profit Community Section will open on May 8th and close on August 1st, 2022.

The form below is for Fandom Conventions, Charities, Organized Fandom Groups, Charities and 501(c) Non-Profit Group ONLY. Fan Group are defined as specific fandom represented by a large organized group of people. Fan Groups must be continually active for all year with regular public events to be considered.

High School Anime Clubs, Cosplay Groups, Press Organizations, Photographers and other Student-Organizations do not qualify as a Fan Group.

All applications will be reviewed to ensure they meet the following criteria.

Each group is issued one (1) 6′ table with up to 4′ feet behind you. There will not be any space between tables nor will tablecloths be included. For established Fan Groups, Charity, and Fandom Conventions, up to two (2) complimentary passes will be issued.

Only established fan conventions with attendance of over 10,000 with a minimum of two consecutive concurrent convention years will be issued four (4) complimentary badges.

All fan groups must be shown to be pro-active with verified proof of year-round activities in their application. Fandom Conventions must have an announced 2022-2023 date and location before applying for the San Japan Community Section.

Reserved Rights:

  • San Japan reserves the right to give fan groups only a half table instead of full table based on space availability.
  • San Japan reserves the right to decide how many badges are issued to a fan group.
  • San Japan reserves the right to consolidate multiple table requests and badge requests based on space availability from any group which runs multiple conventions in a calendar year.
  • Fan groups or fan conventions who are under the same umbrella, even if other people run it, will be considered one organization and will be consolidated based on convention space.
  • San Japan reserves the right to put in a hard limit to all groups.

These organizations must adhere to the following rules:

  • All groups in Community section may only distribute promotional material or literature that is representative to their group.
  • All groups in Community section may only sell promotional materials that are directly connected to the representing group. This includes pre-registrations, convention/club t-shirts and correlated promotional materials of the representing group.

NOTICE: A Texas Sales Tax ID must be present or on-hand to show that the group is allowed to sell pre-registrations. Groups may be asked to present a Sales Tax ID for verification.

  • Groups may only solicit for donations to a charity organization. San Japan reserves the right to follow-up with the listed charity to verify that donations were received.
  • Handcrafted items will be allowed only if 100% of all proceeds go to a charity organization. San Japan reserves the right to validate that all proceeds were issued to the selected charity.
  • All representing groups, upon check-in, must show a consorted effort to promote their representing group at San Japan (minimum 6 hours per day over at least two days). Any group that does not set up or display advertising within Community section of their representing group upon receiving their complimentary badges will have their badges revoked and denied any future complimentary badges & tables from ALL future San Japan events.
  • Groups may only solicit at up to 10′ feet from their assigned table. Advertisements must be kept to their table or vendors who have approved to have ads on their table. Advertisements may not be placed around the convention.
  • Representing groups that signup who are not able to attend must e-mail San Japan up to five days prior to the start of the convention. A group that does not inform the convention of a late setup by August 25th will have their tables and badges forfeited. No-Shows who do not e-mail us for the reason of their non-appearance risk will not be allowed into the Community section for future events.
  • Groups may not set up a banner and walk away from their table for the duration of the convention. They must have at least one representative on-hand for at least six hours of the convention per convention day.
  • Groups may not switch from their assigned table or move any tables.

Failure to adhere to the rules or contact San Japan to being a no-show will be a minimum of two years of being unable to promote at all San Japan events.

ALL groups in the Community section are forbidden from the following:

  • Selling any retail merchandise, non-affiliated group/organization t-shirts, pre-printed non-affiliated group/organization artwork or non-affiliated group/organization pre-printed badges even if all proceeds go to a charity organization.
  • Offering a service or activity to attendees that request tips or charge for the service.
  • Hold a paid lottery or paid raffle.
  • Can not sell any food or food-related items at all due to an exclusivity contract with the City of San Antonio & The RK Group.
  • Play loud music to attract attendees to the table.

All groups must adhere to the listed rules. One warning will be issued if a group breaks any of the listed rules. If a second warning is issued, the group will be asked to leave San Japan, all complimentary badges will be revoked and the group will deny any future requests for a complimentary table.

Any established fandom group that needs more than two (2) complimentary badges may purchase them for a discount rate of $50 per badge. The maximum number of badges allowed to purchase at a discount will be four (4). If a group would like to sell merchandise or offer an activity that is forbidden within Community section then they may inquire with San Japan on purchasing a Sponsorship booth, Dealer Booth or an Artist Alley table for fan-created items.

HUGE NOTICE: This is not a form to sign-up for Artist Alley. If you are an artist or crafter then go to our Artist Alley web page on information on how to sign-up for an Artist Alley table.