Bitforce Jamspace – Music Performance Free-For-All

Performance Applications Open Until August 1st

The Bitforce Jamspace is a community stage where you can star in your very own musical anime: SA-On! We supply the gear, and you shred it up; guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and mics will be provided. If you have a unique or particular instrument you want to bring, we encourage it! The open jam will be available each day from open until early afternoon. Be sure to check the schedule and coordinate with your friends!

The BFJS will also feature specially scheduled performances by musical guests, DJs, and Idols! At this time, we are now accepting applications for performers. Be on the lookout for more announcements as we get closer to San Japan 13!

1. Share
2. Treat the instruments with respect (You are responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the equipment. If you bring an instrument, it cannot be left unattended.)
3. Don’t overplay (We can hear you just fine, trust us.)

Brought to you by your friendly local superhero metal band Bitforce 💚💙💜 Enjoy!