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Thread: Introduction Thread

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    Aug 2011
    San Antonio
    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: I have an awesome girlfriend and partner in crime

    School: College

    Parents: They're there.

    What was your first memory: I'd say I remember wondering aimlessly in a hall when I was in Pre-K

    How many times have you moved: 14 times

    Hometown: San Antonio, TX

    Favorite Color: Black and Blue

    Favorite Genre of Music: Alternative Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Rap, and Classical

    Favorite Game: Persona 3, Madden series, Gran Turismo 3, Samurai Showdown IV, Age of Empires III, Metal Gear Solid, and Tetris

    Favorite Animal: Dogs and Wolves

    Favorite Album Cover: None

    Favorite Food: A 3-way tie between Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish

    Favorite Candy: Three Musketeers
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    Doing hoodrat stuff
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    I'm new on here so nice to meet everyone, I moved here last year and still havent made friends except for co-workers but they are all older and married, boo! so fellow gamers, anime fans take me under your wings.

    Name: Ricardo Valdez


    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Single

    School: graduated

    Parents: ehhh

    What was your first memory: I really dont know

    How many times have you moved: 3 times

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Favorite Color: Blue, and Green

    Favorite Genre of Music: Everything but country

    Favorite Game: Final fantasy Franchise

    Favorite Animal: Penguins

    Favorite Album Cover: Carnival Carnage

    Favorite Food: Fast Food FTW

    Favorite Candy: Gummi bears!!!!!

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    San Antonio, TX
    Name: Cody Jo (only giving my first name XD)

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Bi

    Relationship Status: Single and happy ^.^

    School: Graduated high school and college

    Parents: Alive and well

    Hometown: San Antonio, TX

    Favorite Colors: Blues, greens, and black

    Favorite Genre of Music: I love all music, some genres more than others.

    Favorite Game: CastleVania: Lament of Innocence

    Favorite Animal: Too many to choose from

    Favorite Food: Fruit

    Favorite Candy: Paydays
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    homo-romantic graphic novelist? AderaFox's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Name: Addella or Della

    Gender: female

    Parents: mom and step dad

    Relationship Status: Single!

    Favorite genre of music: I love most but techno has a special place in my heart

    Favorite color: Green!!!!!

    favorite game: I like zombie games like resident evil..

    Favorite food: Chinese

    Favorite animal: FOXES!

    Favorite candy: Bubblegum ^^
    All About That Cosplay Crossover

    ** Fails to get her sh*t together**

    COSPLAY: Periwinkle, Mandy, Applejack*Ponyloid*

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    that crazy person MomokoHatake's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Name: Amy
    Gender: Female
    parents: mama and daddy
    relationship status: single
    fav food: chicken fried rice
    fav animes: Inuyasha, Bleach, Dragon ball and pokemon
    fav color: purple
    fav cake: upside down pinnapple cake
    fav animal: bats
    fav candy: snickers
    I would love my relationship status to be in relationship and i don't care about age
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    Name: Ana

    Age: 17 until June

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: uninterested atm

    School: home schooled

    Parents: my mom's okay but my dad is...... no comment =_=

    How many times have you moved: 15 times. This isn't the last.

    Hometown: Salley, SC, currently in Beeville, TX

    Favorite Color: either wine red or royal purple, depending on the occassion

    Favorite Genre of Music: either Neoclassical metal or Industrial EBM

    Favorite Game: Scrabble

    Favorite Animal: Canines

    Favorite Album Cover: Coll:set by D'espairs Ray. It's just an awesome cover.

    Favorite Food: Rice

    Favorite Candy: hmmmmm...... Champagne truffles.

    I'm also in love with Gothic Lolita/ Aristocrat and Cybergoth.

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    Abilene, TX
    Name: Chi (It's my real nickname! )

    Age:19 1/2 (I turn 20 on January 2nd!)

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Secretly dating an anime character!!

    School: Second Year in College

    Parents: Awesome and Supportive!

    What was your first memory: Probably the day my first pet died, he was a fat grey bird...

    How many times have you moved: 3 times (But only to different houses)

    Hometown: A city between Dallas and San Antonio!

    Favorite Color: Black/Red

    Favorite Genre of Music: J-Rock, K-Pop, J-Pop, Metal, Rock, Alternative, Techno, Dance, Industrial, Indie, Screamo, Melodic Metal, Anime

    Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, The Sims 2/3, The World Ends With You

    Favorite Animal: Birds!

    Favorite Album Cover: Moi Dix Mois - Dixanabu

    Favorite Food: Chinese, Japanese, American

    Favorite Candy: Pocky, Botan Rice Candy

    ~San Japan 7: Cosplay List for Saturday~
    Finland - (Hetalia)
    Fox!Norway - (Hetalia)
    Sweden - (Hetalia)
    Lolita Mikasa - (Attack on Titan) *Bringing for Back-Up*

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    Professional Zombie Killer SweetlyDemented's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Yikes have I been gone for a long time!! I used to be really active on here ;A; And then after San Japan 4TW, I practically disappeared... So now I'm back! Allow me to reintroduce myself.

    Name: Anilec

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    How many times have you moved: Too many times.

    Favorite Colors: Black, white, red, purple, dark teal...

    Favorite Game: Resident Evil 4

    Favorite Animal: I like all canines.

    Favorite Food: I'm not picky... But hey, BBQ is always good!

    C O S P L A Y _ L I S T _ C O M I N G _ E V E N T U A L L Y

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    Alamo City
    Oh boy here we go. :|

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Relationship Status: Single

    School: John F. Kennedy (go rockets?)

    Parents: yes.

    What was your first memory: I don't remember! However, there's this one memory I have of a time when both of my legs were asleep and I tried to stand but that didn't work out so well with my legs and they were all lolnope and I fell down.

    How many times have you moved: zilch

    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Genre of Music: acoustic (or anything similar to Ed Sheeran, Darren Criss, Aj Rafael (it's really just anything I like, but that defeats the purpose of "favorite" right? I'm going to stop typing now.))

    Favorite Game: Killer Wink

    Favorite Animal: Sheep ♥

    Favorite Album Cover: n/a

    Favorite Food: mac-n-cheese

    Favorite Candy: jolly ranchers

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    李も桃桃も桃、李も桃も桃の家。 Cerelein's Avatar
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    Name: Mallory


    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Complicatedness.

    School: Senior in High School, Trinity University next year!

    What was your first memory: Probably my awesome babysitter.

    How many times have you moved: Four times, only once to a different city.

    Hometown: Austin, TX

    Favorite Color: Blue.

    Favorite Genre of Music: J-Pop, K-Pop, Video Game Music/Remixes, and a lot of other stuff. I have music in Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Latin, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. :3

    Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Portal, Star Ocean, Touhou, Phoenix Wright, the list goes on...

    Favorite Animal: Fox! >^.^<

    Favorite Album Cover: Sekiranun Graffitti: Ryo(supercell) & Hatsune Miku

    Favorite Food: Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian(like me!)

    Favorite Candy: CHOCOLATE. ALL OF IT. And toffee.

    And an extra tidbit: I really really like learning other languages. I know a good deal of Spanish and Japanese, and I'm starting on Korean and Italian.
    Planned Cosplays: Ema Skye (Phoenix Wright), Megurine Luka (Just Be Friends) Shinra Kishtani (Durarara!)

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    achieving awesomeness since day 1 alycan16's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    hello all new ppl

    Arriety - 100% done
    Parasoul from Skullgirls- 100% done
    Usagi Tsukino- 100% done
    Princess Peach Masquerade 90% done

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    San Antonio, Texas
    Name: Neoshi (or you can call me Neo)


    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: lol Alone.

    School: I graduated high school in 05, but I'm taking some online classes for my current job.

    Parents: Eh....

    What was your first memory: I was 4 years old and I bit this boy, because I wanted the window seat on the bus. haha

    How many times have you moved: 0

    Hometown: San Antonio TX

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Genre of Music: Mostly 80s and todays rock music. Some pop music.

    Favorite Game: Sims 2

    Favorite Animal: Dogs.

    Favorite Album Cover: Hmm, not sure....

    Favorite Food: Italian.

    Favorite Candy: Peanut M&M
    Cosplay I've done:
    Shihōin Yoruichi (Bleach)
    Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst (The Familiar of Zero)
    Girl Ranma (Ranma 1/2)

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    Corpus Christi, Texas
    Here we go! ^_^

    Name: Emily

    Age: 16 (Until June 28)

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Bi-sexual

    Relationship Status: Forever Alone! Kiddin', single and happy. x'D

    School: Was in public school up until sophmore year, now currently home-schooled.

    Parents: Eeeeeeh, have their moments. My mom understands me and my nerdy-ness more though.

    How many times have you moved: -counts with fingers- Only twice I believe.

    Hometown: Victoria, Tx.

    Favorite Color: Can't decide between blue or purple.

    Favorite Genre of Music: Rock/J-Rock/J-Pop

    Favorite Game: Anything that can hold my interest at the time. ^^;

    Favorite Animal: Dogs. Woof!

    Favorite Food: Sushi!

    Favorite Candy: Lifesavers or Hi-chews.

    It's nice to meet ya'll! ^_^

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    Semi-Regular YaoixYuri18's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Age: 16 (Until June 28)

    Aww, that's cool we have the same birthday!
    Only I'm 20 going on 21.

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    Soulful Soul altair's Avatar
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    Mar 2012



    .::Relationship Status::.

    College o_<

    .::What was your first memory::.
    Throwing my cats in the washing machine, dumping Tide all over them, and then closing the top... I thought they needed a bath. Thank goodness I was too short to actually turn the machine on.

    .::How many times have you moved::.
    Lets see... I've lived in: Hawaii, California (twice), Georgia, Virginia, Japan, Texas, aaaand... yeah, too many.

    Japan (even though I was born in Hawaii)

    .::Favorite Color::.
    Dark gray

    .::Favorite Genre of Music::.

    .::Favorite Game::.
    Halo Reach

    .::Favorite Animal::.
    Maned wolf

    .::Favorite Food::.

    .::Favorite Candy::.
    Anything sour
    Give me names and I'll give you blood

    .::. Altair .::. Mandalorian .::. Qunari .::.

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    San Antonio
    Oh snap, there's a formal way to do this? Eh, I'll steal the person above me's since theirs is all formulated n stuffs



    Not a female

    Hetero (but I luff mah LGBTs!)

    .::Relationship Status::.

    It fluctuates. I'm at UNT now, UTSA for the summer, and for the fall...who knows? Maybe UTSA, maybe Vista, maybe SAC, maybe UT, idk meign. Some college in Texas. There.

    .::What was your first memory::.
    When I was 3 my mom yelled at me to leave her alone, so I packed some clothes and toys in a tiny child's backpack and started to leave the house. My mom asked what I was doing, I said moving out. Yeah, I was a rather mature child >_>

    .::How many times have you moved::.
    Born in Japan, lived in Pennsylvania for a while, lived in Dallas for 7 and a half years, Georgia for two and a half, San Antonio for 6 and a half, and I've just wasted the past 4ish months now in Denton -_-

    I'd say Okinawa since I was born there, but we'll just go with Augusta, Georgia since that's where I started to become who I am today. Life was awesome there...

    .::Favorite Color::.

    .::Favorite Genre of Music::.
    I'm not sure how to describe it, so we'll just be bland and say "rock" for now

    .::Favorite Game::.
    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

    .::Favorite Animal::.
    Arctic Fox

    .::Favorite Food::.
    Super huge tie between Korean, Mediterranean, and Italian

    .::Favorite Candy::.
    Sour, fruity candies are the bestest
    I'm an advice-giver, listener, and psychiatrist by day
    and a wild, party-starting, life-of-the-party male entertainer by night
    I exist to explain dreams
    And then I aim to fulfill them
    I am here to keep it classy
    And then I am here to party

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    Name: Levi Hampton

    Age:Too Old

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Chaos (Slaaneshi Cult)

    Relationship Status: Vow of Celibacy (for convenience)

    School: the Streets

    Parents: Father is currently housing this unlucky fool

    What was your first memory: The old wood-burning stove in my grandparents' house

    How many times have you moved: 3 times

    Hometown: Round Rock, Tx

    Favorite Color: Green, or garish colors as they please Slaanesh

    Favorite Genre of Music: and and FIRE BOMBER

    Favorite Game: Are you seriously going to ask me this? I'll hit the character limit.

    Favorite Animal: The Dogs of War

    Favorite Album Cover: Convenient that I just c/p'd Jessica's...because Tool's AEnima was one of the first CDs I ever got and I still love that album cover to this day.

    Favorite Food: Salmon, or anything high in protein because I NEED IT

    Favorite Candy: I don't like candy, I am hypoglycemic

    Favorite Anime: Macross 7 and Carnival Phantasm

    Favorite Manga: Xxx Holic

    Play any Instruments?: A number of bamboo flutes...I can barely play a guitar...spoons, jugs, and various other redneck instruments as required by an East Texas frequenting boy.

    Childhood dream: To be a fighter pilot

    Favorite fighting game: Right now it's Skullgirls...but CVS2 is still the pinnacle of everything ever...well, that and KoF XI.

    Can you feel the Warp overtaking you?: IT IS A GOOD PAIN

    Wtf is your avatar there?: That is Speedwako and you will respect.

    ...okay so I just keep posting in random things to try to increase my presence on the forums. I keep forgetting we have one of these and I guess as a staff member I really should...interact...with people...

    Let's see how long I keep this up. Otherwise, hello little San-Japan kiddos. I will be your resident grumpy grandpa.
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    Needs To Do This: Settings | Edit Profile | Custom User Title
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    Oct 2010
    I know you. I played some BOMBA on guitar for you once haha. Hope to see you around, besides Proz and Jay on official stuff, the only staff member to post on the reg is Hicks and maybe Mr12345.

    Hmm, maybe I should do another introduction post. As a man always redefining himself, it wouldn't be too bad.

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    San Antonio
    Name: Jen

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Single

    School: University

    Parents: Both still here

    What was your first memory: Either my mom painting wiskers on my cheeks because I was a tiger for halloween or getting my simba out of the dryer

    How many times have you moved: 2 times

    Hometown: San Antonio TX

    Favorite Color: Dark Red

    Favorite Genre of Music: quite a few but rock sticks out more

    Favorite Game: Skyrim

    Favorite Animal: Cats

    Favorite Album Cover: NIN

    Favorite Food: Frito pie!

    Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Buttercups

    Never noticed this thread till now. So I decided why not.
    "I reject reality and substitute my own!" - Adam Savage

    Artist page!

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    There are still quite a few people here who should remember me (YOU REMEMBER ME, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT? ANYONE?), but for the new guys, here.

    Name: Seb

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Puritysan's my BI--I mean my fiancee.

    School: Homeschooled 'til college.

    Parents: Yes. Two, in fact. Miss my dad, though. He's in Washington, working for Microsoft. They're still together, it's just the only work dad could get.

    How many times have you moved: Never.

    Hometown: SA.

    Favorite Color: Blue.

    Favorite Genre of Music: METAL!!

    Favorite Game: Metal Gear Solid 3.

    Favorite Animal: The capybara.

    Favorite Food: Cheese.

    Favorite Candy: Gummy bears.

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