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    Team Fortress 2

    So, I'm bringing back my TF2 cosplay again!
    Red Demoman was a hit, so I have to bring it back :B
    I'm gonna do some alterations to my armor, AND TRY to get some sort of gun done. (Either Loch N Load or the Stickybomb Launcher)

    Any other TF2 peeps coming?

    Luna- Red Demoman (Friday, possibly Sunday)
    Known as Red Fem!Heavy and Red Demoman~

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    I remember you :3 You were an awesome Demo!

    My friend and I are thinking of doing a Red Spy and Blu Scout Mama cosplay. I might be able to make the Scout Mama dress myself, but we're still trying to work out where to get/how to do his mask ._.;
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    Since I still don't have a Sunday cosplay, I miiight be doing a fem!Engineer. That's still up in the air though, so don't hold me to it. :C
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    luuunnaaaa~ i love your demo <3

    im goin as f!red sniper. dont know which day though
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    Might go as a Red Scout or Red Female Scout. Because I think I won't be doing any cosplays on Sunday.
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    See you guys at SJ 2013!

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    Debating doing a better BLU Heavy. Emphasis on "debating".
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    I'm really considering doing a female version of the soldier or sniper.

    But I had this idea, like it was just something me and a friend were discussing but I figured I put it out here. We were thinking that it would be a pretty cool idea if we have regular and gender bent cosplays for each class. Kind of like just regular TF and than LadyTF.

    We don't exactly have it all figured out or where we were going with this but yeah.
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    I'm thinking about maybe bringing back my RED female Engineer on Friday. Not entirely sure. I've got more time to improve it now and maybe actually make the mounted Sentry for my chair that I didn't get to do last year... And if there's another female Engie around, it could be neat! Last year's gathering was pretty fun (and if anyone wants to see pictures, I got them here.)

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    I'll be doing a RED Female Engineer for sure c: I can't wait to see all the other TF2 cosplayers! (I'll also have a RED female sniper with me)

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    So Meet the Pyro comes out today guys
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    Whoa, there's a lot of fem! classes. That's cool. I'm going as BLU Sniper for all three days. Oh and to the guy going as the Pyro Vision!Pyro, that would be awesome.

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    Oooh! I hope there's a gathering somewhere.

    Still not sure if I'm officially attending, but I'll be bringing along Anger!Huntsman/Sniper 8DD More than likely will have an Engie with a sentry/dispenser with me. And perhaps a medic, too. ... and Balloonicorns.

    Keep me posted!

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    I just need to redo the gunbelt, but I'm bringing fem!Blu Heavy =D

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